Free Essay: Psychology Aspect of Aging

Published: 2023-04-19
Free Essay: Psychology Aspect of Aging
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This part of the unit is all about applying lessons from the other sections. One of the crucial lessons is that the elderly require specialized attention due to their vulnerability. It will, however, not make sense when one fails to do a proper analysis before developing a promotion and awareness campaign. In this case, I will focus on physical fitness and how it can impact the mental wellbeing of the elderly. This topic is mostly based on the experiences I have with senior citizens.

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At the same time, earlier assignments have also touched on the issues of physical fitness among the elderly and how a lack of physical activity affects their lives. Seniors hardly make time for physical exercises, which eventually affects their health. Apart from the mental aspect, their blood pressure becomes hard to regulate when there is no room for physical activity. Physical education is mostly the missing link in society, thus choosing it for my awareness program was inevitable. Seniors need to be guided on their health matters, and this will be impossible with no program to empower them.

Keeping the elderly physically active will be hard in a society that is not equipped with the right resources. Part of the crucial resources needed includes a recreational facility to look after the elderly. The facilities in the neighbourhood meet the needs of the elderly since they are well equipped for their physical activity. The awareness campaign will mainly touch on the things that are familiar with them and their physical wellness. However, the campaign cannot be a one-off thing as most elders have mental issues that make them forget. The awareness program will thus have to run for some time for the elders to get used to it.

Additionally, the presentation of the campaign will require extra creativity to meet the demands of this elderly audience. The first important aspect of the awareness program is that it will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. In the hall where the presentation will be taking place, there will be a giant screen and a projector to help the seniors follow through the presentation process. The same slides will be printed and distributed among those who can read. To the rest, the presentation will be verbal and in simple language.

Another critical aspect of the awareness program is educating the elders on how to manage their finances effectively. Most of the elders have pension savings but lack someone to guide them. In the process, they end up misusing the money and are left to suffer for the most significant part of the month. Part of the management practices is ditching their homes, and settling in homes meant for the elderly. In these places, caregivers will ensure that these individuals are comfortable. The presentation will also touch on the resources found in these homes and how they can help them remain physically active.

All I will need in the presentation is a few bucks to print the slides. At the same time, I will need some translators for the sake of individuals who cannot understand or speak English. The presentation will happen in one of the public halls in the neighbourhood. I will as well need the help of the community to facilitate the travelling of the seniors to the hall. I will also need a few professionals in the presentation hall to provide specialized treatment whenever an emergency arises. All these will come at a cost, and I will have to mobilize resources from well-wishers. Taking care of the elderly is a collective responsibility, and developing an awareness campaign is just a fraction of it.

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