Essay Sample on Pros and Cons of the Unionized Environment on Health

Published: 2023-11-19
Essay Sample on Pros and Cons of the Unionized Environment on Health
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A unionized environment in a healthcare facility means that the healthcare workers have been organized into a labor union, which will act as an intermediary between them and the management.

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In a unionized environment, the employment relationship with the employer is governed by contracts using a collective agreement and not by individuals. Collective bargaining contains the terms and conditions of employment that apply to the health worker covered by that agreement. Employee relationship is governed. If the workers want a raise its negotiated following the collective bargaining, and that will mean an increase for everyone. In a way, unionized employees have their jobs secured since it's the union that has the power to determine what disciplinary actions to be taken, and that includes termination. An association gives some energy through collective voice, and that means the employer or the management has no choice apart from negotiating with the union.

Collective bargaining of employees

Unionized employees are also disadvantaged at some point because union negotiations can lead to wages and everything associated with them being boosted to unreasonable high levels. The management may be unable to sustain high payments. It's left with several options such as raising the price of services being offered, reducing the number of employees that they hire, which will lead to insufficient workforce needed to manage available the workload. The unions protect the employees, making it hard for the employers or the management to discipline, terminate, or even promote the workers.

Through collective bargaining that the health workers negotiate contacts with their administration to determine their terms of employment. In case there's an issue, the management may use the same collective bargaining to reconcile with its workers. Elected officials from the union will meet with the employers and negotiate employment conditions.

Employment Concept Law

Employment law consists of laws and regulations that regulate how employee relationships with their employers. The law indicates when an employer can hire and what procedure should be followed if the employer wants to dismiss an employee. On the employee's side, the laws work to help the employees from being discriminated, ensure that employees are working on a conducive environment, and help in establishing the minimum required level for economic support. An example of a well-known law is the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. This law was set out when workers worked under harsh conditions, working for long hours without overtime pay and unjust pay. FLSA came up with the minimum monthly wage, which is 13572 Shillings, and the minimum working, which was set to be 8 hours a day. Breaking this set of laws leads to the individual being imprisoned or facing other unpleasant consequences.


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