Psychology Essay Sample on Human Sexuality

Published: 2018-07-18
Psychology Essay Sample on Human Sexuality
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Sexual Revolution

Even though people grow old, the elderly still enjoy sexual act and sex as a result of pleasure that is associated with sex. In the current society, the old community has played a significant role in the sexual revolution and is still enjoying the various memories that are resulted by the erotic environment. The cartoon in the modern media can convey an image that is related to sexuality and older individuals through different expressions such as psychological, physiological and social aspects of sexual development. The famous cartoon by Chelsee Williams about “Adult Diapers in Thong,” can be used to express the popular culture perceptions of sexuality and aging. Since sexual arousal is resulted by a physiological function, the physiological view and opinion voiced by the cartoon are somehow negative in a way (“Picture Quotes,” n.d.). The dominant male individual who is expressed to own the male figure, seem not to be having interest on the wife who is portrayed to be possessing the female character. This can be resulted by the psychological and the physiological issues which in this case diminish the wife’s psychological and physiological responses.

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Physiological Aspects

Starting with the physiological aspects that are expressed and conveyed in this cartoon, as individuals grows and grows older; their bodies also experience severe changes hence creating a different outcome. Additionally, their body’s changes to old male and females that are inactive especially when it comes to enjoying their sexual life. They turn out to be females and males that are not able to make sex enjoyable and full of energy as compared to their past experienced that demonstrated fun and energy. Ideally, this is evidenced by declining hormones that active the sexual arousal in both the male and the female.

As much as the old age is a major contributing factor when it comes to sexual attraction, the lacking male interest in her woman is one of the major factors that influences sexual performance when individuals grow up. The physiological response to the words coming from the husband’s mouth has the potential of wilting the psychological dimension of the couple’s relationship has demonstrated in the cartoon. A negative thought that is directed towards how someone looks or the nature of their body and self-worth can play a significant role in inhibiting a healthy psychological dimension. In this case, some bad thoughts and picture might run into the wife’s mind, thoughts like “I am not good or beautiful enough,”; “I am not sexy sufficient to arouse my husband to get attracted to me”; “I am not attractive enough”; I am not sexy enough to turn on my husband and look too old and what my husband see is an old mother. On the other side, it could also be the shift to the other direction, creating a wilted psychological dimension hence leading to a reduced sexual arousal.

Some of the additional causes include stress that is full in those individuals who are aging, stress makes both men and female to die sexually, sexual arousal is associated with happiness and joy, and when a male or a female is stressed, to be sexually aroused 's hard and challenging. To ensure adequate sexual arousal, an individual is supposed to be stressed free so as the activate the arousal through joy. When both the male and female grows older due to family issues, wrinkles and individuals are failing to take care of themselves as compared to their youthful stage typically occurs. As a result of old age, both the male and the female experience lower level of sexual attraction and sexual drive hence are making them draw apart from each other.

Psychological Aspects

Taking about the psychological aspects, we focus on the mental state and how one feels especially in the old age period. In most cases, mature adults are usually vulnerable, and they have high chances of gaining mental disorders. In real life, most individuals especially the old age who have mental disorder experience poor sexual drive. Additionally, physiological issues also have high chances of changing once mental state which in the long run lowers one's sex drive.

Though the message portrayed by the cartoon is directed and purposefully meant to be more of a ridiculous scenario, psychologically it has demonstrated a mental disorder especially when we are considering how a man is supposed to handle and even treat their wives even at old age. Whether or not the wife is showing the signs of being goofy, or even through her mind she is trying to dress or even feel sexy; the husband is not supposed to react in a negative manner, a sign that is showing negativity or even lack of attraction. Even though psychologically, the husband can be tortured and even repulsed by his wife display of the thong/diaper, the response is supposed to be friendly to ensure real drive and even future changes which are positive. Through this psychological aspect is demonstrated.

Social aspect

Socially, this is one of the troublesome cartoons since it posses and will expose different reactions from various age groups. Many old individuals are finding difficult to maintain their sexual attractiveness, especially the women. Taking consideration of the young generation, the old age finds it difficult to adverse their sexual life through television and different social media sites since most; they tend to shy off when it comes to revealing their old body and old sexual life(Greenberg, Bruess, & Oswalt, 2016). Through the cartoon, the cartoon exemplifies the wife dressing in a thong, even at her old age when the adult diaper is the primary requirement. The social-cultural aspect that is demonstrated by the cartoon shows the need for the society to maintain and keep the communities larger. Additionally, the society still views sex that is practiced among the old adults as something that is not existing and not happening. And any joke that is focused on old age sex can create a significant impact on the adult age. Ideally, when portraying, what is the standard measure or what is supposed to define sexy. The society also represents the old individuals as people who don’t have sex which is sported by the older adults.


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