Project Planning Template on Cyber Security

Published: 2022-06-03
Project Planning Template on Cyber Security
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What is the business or organizational problem that I'd like to research?

There is a need to invest in future upcoming technologies that will help improve the current techniques that are being used to modify ways and methods that are used to manipulate data stored in the cloud. The changes are meant to improve the current IT resources that are being used to make sure that accuracy, efficiency, and quality are improved. Most important is to respond to the security issues that are concerned with data retrieval over the internet which has been greatly compromised by a number of online fraud activities that have posted a number of challenges trying to solve. The main problem is attributed to the fact that technological changes are occurring at a very high rate such that the security details that are used to respond to such challenges are overlooked in most cases. Online fraudsters have since developed new techniques in which they are able to develop their own programs that they use to propagate their crimes and this has possessed a number of problems to system developers whose programs and systems are invaded by the hackers and thus the integrity of the data that is shared is always lots. This kind of intrusion is a big challenge to businesses that have their secretive data being accessed by competitors and this greatly lowers the competitive advantage of a business. In other cases, the intrusion of confidential data of some organizations ends up into huge losses when online payment systems are intruded such that the transactions that are done are not authorized and organizations end up losing a huge amount of money in the process. Data processing techniques of organizations are also affected in cases where online processes are affected by the fraud activities such that most of the end results generated are not reproducible and thus wrong decisions are made at the end of it all.

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Atos is sensitive to dealing with information technology that is mostly used in sensitive areas. Some of this data is used in highly sensitive areas that require high-security levels. For example, the company is known to be a partner in the Olympic Games where it offered IT services.

The company also deals intelligence data that is gaining a lot of importance in the current times when the digital transformation is occurring at a very high rate.

There is a need to have access to the data pertaining to internal processes that are used to ensure that the security of information that is stored over the network is secured to avoid unauthorized access which is a threat to the integrity of clients' confidential information. The fact that most of the businesses that outsource its services from Atos deal with big data, there is a need to make use of analytic techniques that allows for processing of huge data within the shortest time possible to make sure that real-time results are generated and used to make the suitable adjustments. There is a need to make use of the modern techniques which are known to allow for real-time analysis of the systems to make sure that any available vice is reported on time to allow for timely action. This is an important attribute that will help improve the quality of the services that are offered by this company.


What business or organization do I have access to? // Who do I know that I could ask to find a problem or issue to research for?

The IT services that the company offers have since overtaken the online payment systems that are used in the European markets and this remains to be a milestone in this sector. Most of the leading businesses in countries such as Germany and Astria have since adopted digital marketing which is associated with a number of benefits. High-level technology is needed to make sure that the current vices that have been reported to affect the online money transactions are completely eliminated.

There is a need to get details of the actual online platforms that are used by most business top make the payments such that designing of security programs are optimized. There is a need to get details pertaining to security algorithms that are used by clients to help prevent fraudulent transactions in the future. The fact that financial details of organizations are very confidential, it is hard for a client to share all the details and thus total protection of the system is not possible.


What topic or issue would I like to become an expert in?

The use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in service desk and project management is an important topic in organizational problems. Traditionally, the service desk of most business organizations was reactive to customers' requests. The process was thus inefficient and time consuming for both the clients and the staff involved. AI technology is changing the mode of operation in service desk and project management in recent times. The main essentials required to achieve the intended goals include incorporation of an Enterprise Language Model (ELM) into AI bots, facilitation of user interactions, and capacity to address service request by linking the bots to appropriate knowledge databases. Popular applications of AI in service Desk include self-service portals and chatbots. In project management, AI systems are used to predict and offer preventive solutions to foreseen incidences. AI technology can also propose the type and amount of staff required for particular projects. The main challenges facing AI technology in service desk and project management is threat to human employment, large scale application, and accuracy of delivered services.

There is a need to check on the most common applications of AI/MI in service desk and project management in businesses and determining new measures that can improve efficiency in organizations. There is also need to assess the challenges posed by AI systems and propose reliable mitigation measures.It is important to note that most organizations are currently investing in artificial intelligence and thus improving the security of the digital programs that are being used at the moment is a good way to maximize on the overall security of the various processes that are used in most cases.

Draft Research Question-1

What are the common sources of security breaches in the current times? Draft Research Question-2

Which security measures can be improved at the moment to make sure that online security is maximized? Are the current measures effective?

Draft Research Question-3

What are the adjustments that Atos Company is supposed to involve to make sure that the current issues are responded to in the best way possible?

Does the company have an able investigative team?

Draft Research Question-4

What are the common cybercrime fraud activities have the strongest impact on the financial sector that needs to be addressed? Are there measures in place to respond to cybercrime? Have these measures succeeded in solving the various cybercrime issues that have been reported?


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