Essay Sample about Koren Christofides

Published: 2022-04-07
Essay Sample about Koren Christofides
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Koren Christofides is a narrative artist, born in Kansas, and grown in Seattle, Washington DC, US. She is well known for the numerous trips she has been taking throughout Western Europe, Greece, Morocco, and Mexico among other countries as well as the love she has had for traditional culture. Christofides has been using the world of myths as a motivation for her works. She has worked in various areas including the 'Contes' (erotic tales) of the La Fontaine, especially in 'The king of Africa's Bride'. Of late, she has been inspired by her motivations to focus more on proverbs, especially the proverbs regarding women from each part of the world.

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She has completed several courses on artistic works and which include a Bachelors of Art in Art History, a BFA in painting and an MFA in printmaking from her area's University. She has been studying with various other famous artists including Jacob Lawrence. In the year 1997, Christofides moved to France and organized an international traveling exhibition of at least 100 artists from selected areas of the US, Europe, Asia and the Fables of La Fontaine. The Fables could instill the essence of having a human-animal relationship in a brilliant way, in regards to keeping watch on the actual nature existing with the things that exist. In that context, it can be noted that Ovid's Metamorphoses humans usually turn into distinct animals. These proverbs regarding women, especially in relation to animals reveal a certain mind while thinking and uttering any kinds of words. Some works were selected, those that were an inspiration towards an illustration of a new La Fontaine in the year 2006. Her book has always been awarded the certificate of excellence due to the impressive design the book has had. As she was working on the book, however, she turned her attention to the 'Contes', also known as the erotic tales of the La Fontaine. In the year 2005, Christofides showed some 50 paintings she made based on just one Conte. Christofides has been featured in various publications which include the Whitehot magazine, the ceramics monthly and even the Seattle times of the Washington DC. Christofides presently lives in the New York and her works have been realized globally.

Christofides initiated the Christofides project, one of the largest in its illustrations and one of the most original projects. It is through the project that many artists are joined in unity with the aim of displaying a contemporary approach through a range of various individualistic expressions, although they reflect a global appeal of the La Fontaine. The artists never cease to intrigue and entertain their audience and their words communicate the complex nature of Fable; which exists in stimulation and thought-provoking. Artistic works have always had an emphasis on the perception of the works and the precedence over the other text translations cannot be taken. The audience is given enough time to have a personal response to the interpretation of both the artist and the writer

For the many years, she has been in the industry; she has been basing most of her work from drawings from a combination of myriad materials, or drawing using needles on or out of clay for her ceramic sculptures. Her selectiveness has been driven by her regular trips and having an imagination about the complex narrative thoughts in three dimension forms. Her works are presently being used by various public and private collections both in the United States and Europe.

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