Free Essay Dedicated to Military Professionalism in the Navy

Published: 2019-10-24 09:25:36
Free Essay Dedicated to Military Professionalism in the Navy
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Professionalism like in all other jobs is being committed to performing the required tasks using the skills in line with ethics the code of conduct of the field as per the nature of the job. The military has its uniqueness as the most brutal and not very friendly to the humankind because it involves killing and being killed with regard to the nature of the war. For this reason, discipline is given the upper hand as a way of exercising professionalism in the military and all virtues and values that measure discipline are built on it. In the navy and other branches of military, obedience of the orders is the way of operation so that there is no misuse of the weapons, use of the only required force depending on the situation (Richard,178.).

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In a battle, there is either winning the war or losing. In search for a win, the soldiers can easily overdo some operations because no one targets to lose in any battle. This can lead to excess use of force than required that can destroy lives of either the soldiers themselves or the civilians and damage property if professionalism is not observed just for one to attain the desired dimensions of victory(Goldsmith,153)..

Professionalism in the Navy is seen exercised by the specificity of the duties the soldiers have to carry out. The specialization brings ion order and a form of routine such that one knows what to do when, where and how. This being done in accordance to the skills and procedures acquired in the training portrays the professionalism in the Navy (Goldsmith,154). The act of sailing in the water bodies cannot be done by just anybody who has not undergone thorough training on the use of the vessels like the cannons that have been changing with the advancement in technology from those that were built using wood and could only move depending on wind to the current fleets of ships that can move to any direction in any desired speed up to 20 knots and are self-propelled.

The Navy soldiers appearance communicates professionalism to the other people around them. The descent dressing and uniformity makes them presentable. All of them have to be in the right attire whenever on official duty as a requirement and this gives them the recognition that every other profession requires to get. In addition to the recognition and identity, the uniforms are a form of communication among them and a symbol of rank of seniority depending on the unique variations on the appearance of the uniform (Goldsmith,156).

There being ranks in the Navy, it is professional that good performance of duty is awarded promotion and poor performance is equally awarded demotion. The lieutenants have to rise up to the Admiral position that they have the opportunity to bare commission of a felony. This has to base on the ability to lay better strategies in the troop (Benjamin $ Amstrong,286-87).

With time, soldiers lose the sharpness of their skills to suit in the troop due to age. The old soldiers have to go for retirement and their positions have to be taken by the younger soldiers who graduate from the military colleges. Apart from losing of the soldiers through retirement, there are those who lose their lives in war or in other ways and they all need to be replaced by other qualified soldiers (Goldsmith,153).

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