Project Management at Global Publishing. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2017-07-05
Project Management at Global Publishing. Free Essay Example.
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Describe the structure and main purpose of Project Time Management.

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Project Time Management can be broken down into six activities. These include; definition of activities, sequencing activities, estimating the resources required for each activity, estimating the duration for each activity, developing schedules, and lastly controlling the developed schedules. The structure is hierarchical in nature as the next task will only take place once the previous one is completed. The main purpose of project time management is to ensure that time is used efficiently as there will be good organization, hence improved productivity (Spalek 539).

Why did Global Publishing struggle?

Global Publishing struggled because it was not making an efficient use of time. With more tasks to handle and more employees to manage, the management did not take the necessary steps to ensure proper organization and planning in such a way that deadlines would be met effectively.

What were the specific PM solutions that were introduced by Anna that worked?

The specific PM solutions introduced by Anna that worked include the proactive risk analysis and risk response planning and training of employees on time management without compromising quality.

What kind of suggestions would you give to Alex and John if you were the PM?

If I were the project manager, I would suggest a few more things to Alex and John. First, I would suggest that they estimate individual activity resources, as well as the time it would take for each one of them to be completed (Spalek 539). In addition, I would also encourage them to introduce activity sequencing so that processes will flow smoothly from one to the other.

Global Publishing is a technology intensive business, but Anna is not technically knowledgeable, will she continue to be a successful project manager?

Since Global Publishing is a technologically intensive business, and depends on technology for most of its activities, Anna will not be a successful project manager in the long run considering the fact that she is not technically knowledgeable.. In addition, technology makes work much easier by reducing time spent on tasks as well as the resulting efficiency of work done.

Work Cited

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