Progressive Relaxation Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-24
Progressive Relaxation Essay Sample
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Imagine yourself lying down on a soft mattress in a shade. You close your eyes as you hear the birds sing sweetly on the tree as tiny leaves fall on your body. A cool breeze is moving along your body starting from the toes of legs to the top of your head. A gently breeze causes you feel the hairs of your legs move. Imagine how the wind cause tiny leaves to caress your body. The soft leaves and the gentle breeze are moving from your knees and now in your thighs. You can feel the tension in your legs move reduce as your toes begin relax and move freely. You can feel the muscles in your stomach relax as gentle breeze and the softness of the leaves flow towards your chest and head. The leaves tickle you in as they come into contact with your armpits. Your whole body now surrenders as the gently breeze flows on your head and the birds sweet melodies continue. Your body no longer has the tension. Take a deep breath. Release it slowly. Picture any cues in the real life that will make you feel what you are feeling now. Take another deep breath and release it slowly. Open your eyes slowly and behold the beauty around you.

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Autogenic training

Lie on the coach. Stretch your legs and hands. Focus on one positive thing in life that makes you happy. Take a deep breath. Imagine the breath moving in your head, lungs, heart, stomach, your legs, and hands. Slowly, breathe out. As the breath flows from your body, allow your mind to recall the negative idea that has been disturbing you. It makes you feel tense. Now, as you breathe out slowly, imagine that the air flowing outside your body removes the negative thoughts. Your mind is now free. Your heart lightens. You can feel your heart beating gently. Breathe in deeply once more. Release it slowly as you imagine anything that will make you relax even more. Slowly open your eyes. You can feel how lighter and calmer you have become. Slowly open your eyes and regain your normal situation.

Guided imagery

Imagine yourself in a very quiet environment. You close your eyes gently as you picture yourself at the highest point of the mountain. As you look down, you feel tensed. You are afraid of hurting yourself should you fall. But you have always wanted to be in such point, right? Relax and compose yourself. Today is your day. You have to overcome your fears and all the pessimism. Do you believe you can do it? Can you just and fly on air like an eagle? Yes, you can. Just take a deep breathe. Release it. Are you ready? You are now about to become a hero that you always wanted. You are ready to prove to yourself that you are strong, courageous, and dedicated. Lift up your hand gently. Take one last breath and release yourself. You are now floating in the air. How does it make you feel?

As you float in the air and feel the gentle breeze, allows all your fears to flow out of your body. You are strong now. You do not need to fear anything. You are in control. Prepare to land. Spread your hands and control yourself. You now feel in control of every situation. No more fears. Now take a deep breath. Open your eyes and behold the beautiful nature.

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