Free Essay Example on Vital Behavior Reflection

Published: 2023-10-09
Free Essay Example on Vital Behavior Reflection
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In my life, I have realized that there are behaviors that can lead to changes. Since an influencer is a person or group with a particular posture, expertise, relationship, or authority that change other people’s buying decision, the change must begin with that specific influencer. Inspiration can be a known character in a particular industry, area, topic, or position that has gathered a following. The leading influencer’s key is that all have built an association with the audience either by experience or expertise (Grenny, 2014). In marketing terms, brands are capable of partnering with these individuals to offer mutually beneficial understandings of their audience. Influencers must introduce behaviors that make change happen since for people to change from their past, the change must begin with the influencer.

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I have realized that for people to influence effectively, it is suitable for one to understand the meaning of being real. Being real helps the influencer to recognize conducts that are common but underused. Someone may be desiring to influence the nation hence making it a suitable place for the citizens but lack the standard behavior. It is advisable to know that the desire to improve some things is not similar to making improvements. The influencer needs to state the goals that are being strived for to make it easy to achieve (Grenny et el., 2013). Most people have a vague conception of whatever they are aiming at, and, due to haziness, they never make real plans to achieve their goals. If I want to influence people, I must have a tangible, quantifiable goal, as well as the timeframe to get there.

After going through vital behaviors, I have realized that there are periods when success can be at risk. It is good to understand these moments and be keen on them not to experience failures always. Fortune should be estimated, and once a failure occurs, that should not be the end of trying to implement a change. My life has changed dramatically because I have known that I should equip myself with motivational techniques and have experience with various situations to achieve success (Harapnuik, 2016). It is good to familiarize yourself with various periods to know when it is possible to succeed and when there is a likelihood of failure.

People may be living in the same environment, but some of them are capable of producing positive results than others. The moment I read this statement, I comprehended two things simultaneously. First, you may not realize how some can be helpful to you until you work closely with him. I learn the need to involve other people in my plan for success. Second, people may have the ability to help you achieve their goals but lack someone to influence them. This has made me involve various people in my plans to succeed and select them after realizing their ability. The ones who will be eliminated from the success progress will not lose because people always learn from their failures.

Great influencers make use of the rewards in an advantageous way. There are two things I came to realize after starting the journey to success. When trying to influence other people to make changes in their habits for better, we end up forcing them to do things that they do not desire. In such cases, rewards that are given wisely are helpful. Awards help people to change from their stubborn cultural norms, which hinder success (American Psychological Association, n.d). At this point, I need to remember that I am searching for the fewest conducts that will make a change. I realized that not all manners are essential, and influencers have a tendency of confusing behaviors with workflows, tasks, or processes.

Making people change their behavior or their past sometimes can be challenging and seem to be impossible when one does not sacrifice to teach people the need for change. Some people remain unsuccessful because they lack motivation or someone to influence them. I have realized that reaching these people may be discouraging, but once they emulate change, they will be the most influencers in the future.


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