Training & Development in TAQA KRI: Effects on Staff Performance & Productivity

Published: 2022-12-28
Training & Development in TAQA KRI: Effects on Staff Performance & Productivity
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Research on the topic of training as well as development has not been conducted in the context of the TAQA Company in KRI. Also, there are no studies on the training of employees and its influence on worker efficiency in relation to energy companies. Past researchers have researched in the subject focusing on how it affects staff performance (Barzegar and Shahroz, 2011), productivity (McDowall and Saunders, 2010), and behavior (Pallavi and Kulkarni, 2013). Barzegar and Shahroz (2011) addressed the effect of on-the-job training on the performance of employees and found out that employees gain new understanding and expertise, build organization values and improve their performance by undergoing job training courses. The courses influence employee performance even though the level of change in the company is below the expected standards. Pallavi and Kulkarni (2013) reviewed training and development as well as quality of work. Their findings revealed that training is significant to challenge the format of business and obtaining competent employees. Training enhances the quality of work from staff by making changing their behavior, attitudes towards the job and improving their morale.

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McDowall and Saudners (2010) evaluated the UK manager's notions of training and growth of workers and revealed that the conceptualizations of the topic vary depending on the organization. Through formal training, companies improve employee job-related skills. However, there other non-job related skills that cannot be achieved through formal training. Therefore, a combined approach towards training and development in organizations will be valuable in addressing both job and non-job related skills for workers. The above studies are only but a few of those undertaken on the subject of training in organizations. From the previous findings, a researcher established that there is no study that focuses specifically on developing employee effectiveness. There is an existing gap in the knowledge, literature, and research about the topic of training and development and its impact of employee efficiency in energy companies calls for a research in the area. Therefore, the current research will examine the impact of training and development on employee efficiency...

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