Free Paper Comprising the Responses to the Articles about the Affordable Care Act

Published: 2022-07-15
Free Paper Comprising the Responses to the Articles about the Affordable Care Act
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Health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act - a progress report: Response

It is imperative that the Affordable Care Act has increased the capacity of American citizens to have equity and access to health insurance coverage since its inception in 2016. Although the act has led to improved care outcomes, it has led to high expenditure in insurance companies estimated at $672billion every year (Blumenthal & Collins, 2014). The insurance companies need to adapt to contemporary ways of costs management as well as mitigating factors that lead to high medical expenses. For example, instead of raising technicalities and diseconomies associated with ACA, the health insurance sector need to create radical changes that would lead to quality healthcare outcome to prevent cases of healthcare inaccessibility (Blumenthal & Collins, 2014). Affordable Care Act is a noble way of ensuring the disadvantaged get quality care. Additionally, the health insurance companies need to adjust to external changes in their environment, and one of the external changes in business operations is the legal changes. In so doing, the insurance companies will realize the benefits of providing equal coverage to all members of the society despite having a difference in socioeconomic status (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2015).

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It is worth noting that individual wellbeing being cannot be quantified in monetary terms or economies of scale as government subsidies, reduced premiums, and deductibles. I would, therefore, support the implementation of the ACA since its social benefits outweigh its financial and economic costs. Instead of abolishing the act to benefit few health insurance companies, the government and all stakeholders in the healthcare sector need to convene a meeting to reach a collective agreement regarding provision of subsidies and cost management problems. It is a collective responsibility that the governments work hand in hand with all stakeholders as well as communicate the radical changes effectively to prevent resistance to new policies such as ACA. The ability of the federal government to increase awareness of ACA would eliminate cases of misinterpretation and misunderstanding and provide clarity and justification on the underlying concepts of the ACA policy such as premiums and deductibles (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2015). The interests of each opposing party need to be addressed by reaching an amicable solution to cost management and policy education.

President Obama's Health Care Reform Policies: Issues of Interest to P&T Committees: Response

It is factual that the ACA has led to high costs despite improvement in the countries health outcomes. However, I do not agree with Ventola (2009) that ACA has led to reduced pay for health practitioners rendering them financially unstable to accommodate family expenses. I believe working in a healthcare sector require a sense of humanity and sacrifice to save the lives of those in need. Establishing a satisfactory minimum pay for all health stakeholders constrain to the current U.S. economic pressure will ensure that all stakeholders are contended towards supporting access to affordable care. The healthcare stakeholders such as nurses and doctors need to be motivated to maintain their commitment towards quality care through ACA. Motivation is not all about high pay for discharging the medical services but rather recognition of the sacrifice made by the medical stakeholders to ensure American society is safe. I believe it is a social injustice for a few elite members of the community to access for better quality care.

I concur with Ventola (2009) on the need for the government to increase its expenditure on healthcare to minimize high charges to health insurers. The healthcare government agencies need to be pioneers of change in healthcare by ensuring accountability and proper allocation of financial resources. Despite the need for government to increase its expenditure in the healthcare sector, the rich need to understand that tax imposition is not a punishment but a collective responsibility aimed at lifting the health status of those who are disadvantaged in society. There is no joy in seeing the impoverished population struggle with their medical expenses when ACA enforcement can act as a real-time solution. The governments, therefore, need to demonstrate that it values for the health of both the rich and the poor to prevent conflict of interests regarding social class, it is should be a government that protects the health rights of all citizens without prejudice and favoritism.


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