Analysis of Nepalese Foods - Photo Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-17
Analysis of Nepalese Foods - Photo Essay Sample
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The photo essay is a description of Nepal's authentic foods. Being a Nepalese, I have also discussed various Nepalese Cuisines that I have come across and those I consider tastiest and healthiest. Further, I outline my preference food, Pulau and some of its substitutes. Through pictures and captions, my main message in the photo essay is to make known the various Nepalese foods and those that I have been exposed to in America. Also, I use the photo essay to show people that we can still celebrate our cultures while in a different country.

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Nepal foods are some of the best dishes globally known for their deliciousness and high nutrition level. They are also diversified and make use of herbs, spices and flavours. This is as shown in photo Nepalese Spices. Another caption I use to explain diversity in foods is that showing different people. This explains how Nepalese cuisine is influenced by both geographical and cultural diversity. This effect is noted in food, crops and animals. There are several pictures that I use to describe various Nepalese foods. This is as shown in the photos that accompany every food description. An example is the Pulau, Dhal Bhat, Roti and Nepali photos. Not only do the photos show the type of foods in the discussion but also how they are served. For instance, the Dhal Bhat Tarkari which is a pulau substitute is best served with spices and flavours such as lentils, pickles and meat though it depends with the guest preference. This is as shown in the Dhal Bhat photo.

Another important aspect in the photo essay is the pictures arrangement. Every picture conveys a different message. To begin with is a photo grid showing various Nepalese foods. However, the grid has two photos of people preparing the foods and other two pictures showing a hotel setup. There is a distinguishing aspect of both hotel and preparation of the foods. While the pictures on the top row of the grid show a local setup and preparation of the foods, those on the bottom row are used to indicate an urban setup and preparation. The photo arrangement is a systematic representation of various foods from the spices to solid foods such as meat. The arrangement of the photos also shows the different types of dishes from home based to when travelling. The end of the presentation is a picture showing diversified foods that I have been exposed to in America. These include barbeque, pizza, steak and burger which are equally delicious but not as good as Nepalese foods.

The intended effect of the photo essay is to market Nepalese foods while attracting more people to try them. This is achieved through clear and attractive pictures of the different types of foods prepared in Nepal. Another effect of the presentation is to show that despite being in another country, we can still enjoy our cultural foods. This is achieved by showing both Nepalese and American photos. The presentation also provokes other people to appreciate their culture and enjoy it wherever they are. This is depicted by the refrigerator with Nepalese foods among American dishes. This effect is also sensitised by showing the American foods but accompanying them with a message that though I have enjoyed foods from both worlds, the American food cannot be compared to the Nepalese cuisine.

In conclusion, the main message that I convey in the photo essay is diversification in Nepalese foods and the exposure to American tastes though the best foods remain those from our cultural background. This is achieved through pictures and captions showing various Nepalese foods that I enjoy and some of the American tastes I have come across.

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