Unpaid Marketing. Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-28
Unpaid Marketing. Paper Example
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The artists enlisted to be performing will be required to publish advertisements on their fan club websites and social media accounts since their fans are the more people to attend the event likely.

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Paid Marketing

Digital Media

Information concerning the concert such as concert date, venue, ticketing pricing, and accessibility will be paid to third-party music applications, entertainment, and local media websites. The websites and mobile applications will be paid per click on the advertisement (Wakefield, 2015).


A 30-second prime time advertisement will also be run for one week on local television channels to reduce geographic waste in advertising expenditure (Lesonsky, 2004).

Direct Mail and Email

Since the concert targets explicitly a particular group of audience, direct mailing will be an effective method in targeting the specific audience. Artists and promoters will mainly assemble mailing lists because they know the most promising prospects. The organizers will also purchase a syndicated mailing list or mount tie-ins with third-party organizations to gain access to mailing lists. Emails are suitable since they don't require postage and paper costs (Mansfield, 2017).

Publicity and Public Relations

The concert will be publicized by issuing press releases, providing news outlets with videos and audio clips, generating favorable news coverage by making artists available for press interviews.


Though old fashioned and outplaced by the digital world, the old fashioned way of placing posters in places that register high traffic such as restaurants, taverns, night clubs, shopping malls can be an effective way of publicizing the concert. It will be done by temporary hired street teams that will wear identical clothing with branded displays of the artist's logos/names and the event. Their work will be to handing out flyers and placing posters or banners to draw attention to the concert (Cole, 2018).

Use of Influencers

Due to the youthful target of the concert, most young people are on social media, hence the use of local influencers (micro-influencers) who have smaller but loyal followers. The influencers could be vital in getting the numbers of young people to purchase the tickets and attend the concert. The influencers will be given ten tickets to give away for free or at a discounted rate (Wakefield, 2015).

Sponsorship and Partnership

Record Company Partnership

The record company will offer expertise in song selection, technical support, and consultancy to set up the sound system and equipment. The concert organizers will allow the record companies to set up a stand to display their services (Ki Poneke, 2016).

Radio Station Co-Sponsorship

The radio stations will negotiate for tickets give away to their listeners as an on-air promotion in exchange for free or a reduced price in advertising for the concert. It's best since the listeners are the most probable same people who will attend the concert. The radio station will benefit the show by always discerning the artists' performance, the date, venue, and details on where the tickets might be purchased from (Lesonsky, 2004).

Consumer-Goods Sponsorship

Since the concert main target group is young people in the age bracket of 18-25 years or above, it is necessary to form a partnership or seek sponsorship from the corporate organization that targets consumer markets in the same age bracket. Partnering with Local supermarkets and shops by offering reduced prices on certain products with the production of concert stubs by individuals who have purchased the tickets. Corporate sponsorship might also come with increased attention and publicity from the media through acts such as mentioning the event on their social media. They may also run sweepstakes and ticket giveaways and co-branded artistic merchandise that promote the concert (McDonnell & Moir, 2013).


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