The Stages of Team Development Essay, Free Example for Everyone

Published: 2018-06-27
The Stages of Team Development Essay, Free Example for Everyone
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CVP Analysis Introduction

Teams must undergo a series of stages that make them healthy and ready to fit in the social setting. This paper will discuss the stages of team development as they flow from formation to storming to norming and finally the performing stage.

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Formation Stage

In the initial stage, most of the group members are characterized by politeness and positivity. Some of them subscribe to anxiety because they have not had a clear understanding of the roles and task that the group will perform. The leader in this 1st stage is entitled to many functions in the team because responsibility and tasks to members are not clear although the stage does not last long (Stein 2010).


The expansion of the boundaries set in the 1st stage is expanded here characterized by conflict and competition in the working styles of team members although they may not outwardly appear. Individual members are challenged by the process of grooming their feelings, attitudes, beliefs and ideas as they aim in fitting in the group structure. The need for fundamental commitments and explanations are high due to the fear of letting others down (Stein 2010).


Cohesion characterizes the interpersonal relationships forming the team. Sharing is a key feature in this stage based on leadership, ideas, beliefs, feeling, decisions and solution to issues facing the group. Cohesion in the group is cultivated by common identity that amounts to increased trust levels among the members. Facts guide change in the former personal self and subscription to a new being whose arguments in the groups shared understanding and a sense of belonging grows (Stein 2010).


Real interdependence is essential in this stage where the range, depth, and capacity of interpersonal relationships has increased. Flexibility takes root following the dynamic nature of needs and roles at the individual and group levels. The group is approved and highly productive with the great task and people orientation and team unity describing all activities done with a solution to problems and work leading to productivity (Stein 2010).


Groups are essential for social bonding and perpetuation from one level to another. Growth from one level to another proves maturity and interdependence where productivity is realized at the end of each of the four stages.


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