Process Analysis: Key to Efficiency and Improved Outcomes for Businesses - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-11
Process Analysis: Key to Efficiency and Improved Outcomes for Businesses - Essay Sample
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Business organizations depend on firm processes effectively and efficiently to meet their objectives. Without a careful process, the business could be in the situation of losing clients, money, and talent. The study of the current state helps business organizations in documenting, tracking, and optimizing their performance, improved outcomes, and greater efficiency. As-is current state or process analysis is a management process approach that finds and assesses the present processes of a commercial. It can focus on the whole corporate organization or one or many of the procedures within a team or department. From the matrix, process steps, decision making, tentative steps, and end processes are used in the process of improvement opportunities.

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Reduced Cycle Time

Reduced cycle time is the strategy of reducing the period taken in performing a process for improvement of productivity. The reduction of cycle time often improves quality. When cycle time is too close to the takt time, then there is a little error margin. For improved quality, processes must be inconsistent all the time across the organization. This is accomplished through the documentation of the methods and ensuring that the work done matches the documentation made. Documentation of the process is always a glamorous job; however, the quality improvement needs that thing to be done consistently.

Waste Elimination

Waste elimination is one of the best ways organizations increase their profitability in business. The process either adds value or waste in the production of services and goods. In eliminating waste, it is essential to accurately understand where does the waste originates and what type of waste it is.

For each of the waste detected, a strategy is formulated in eliminating its impacts on the company and hence enhancing the overall company's performance. Moreover, the reduction of the total cost in process improvement is means of controlling cost in an organization. This ensures that the production process or the value does not affect the outputs of the organization.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is based on the concept of elimination of waster entirely. TPS involves the idea of Just-In-Tome clearly defines the use of the most effective methods and the process of production. The introduction of the automatic loom by Toyota Production System has dramatically led to improved productivity and, thus, the creation of quality products.

Another TPS concept is Jidoka, which entails taking actions to problems that are identified to reduce faults during production. This concept helps in the prevention of the issues from re-occurring in the future and enhances high productivity and quality management. Therefore, the Toyota Production System (TPS) generally involves the production of what is a need, using the right raw material, and ensuring that a correct amount is used to reduce waste of resources.

Implementation of Lean Practices

The implementation of lean practices can be affected due to inadequate or insufficient resource management practices. This may be due to new management in the organization. Due to low demand due to unstable customer demand, product demand makes lean practices less applicable.

The nature of the goods and services offered may influence production time and thus affect the implementation of the lean-time. Furthermore, since the organization is still young with a low investment level, it may be limited by inadequate financial resources because the application of lean practice requires additional funds. Finally, because of the new and small labor force, the implementation of lean practices may be a problem due to low adaptions to a shift in the business culture and traditions.

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