Pro and Cons of Online Education

Published: 2022-12-09 11:06:42
Pro and Cons of Online Education
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Online education is a flexible instructional delivery system that encompasses any learning that takes place via the Internet. It is also referred to as the creation and proliferation of the personal computer, the globalization of ideas and other human acts, and the use of technology in exchanging ideas and providing access to more people (Allen & Seaman, 2013). The main aim of this research is to write a persuasive essay describing the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of online education.

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Online education has many advantages which are discussed below. Flexibility: online learning is flexible, and one works according to his schedules. One can continue with online education when still doing other things such as working or even while on vacation or leave. This makes it one of a preferable means of learning as it is flexible and one can learn at his own free time. Less expensive: online education is less costly as one does not have to commute daily when going to class and therefore saves the money to use it on other expenses. Expertise: in online education, one can interact with experts from different fields who help in solving various issues or problems. Options; online education is preferred as it provides a variety of choices from which one can choose from, and one can complete his course at his own preferred time. Convenience: online education is convenient as it solves one's problems on the real time as compared to a lecture where one has to wait for long hours before being served by lecturers. Technology: online education exposes one to different skills, and one can learn to operate different kinds of software.Other benefits of online learning include interaction from a wide variety of people; no discrimination and creativity in online education are high.

Online education also has its disadvantages. Costs: online education is sometimes costly as it involves the use of gadgets such as laptops or computers and it may also have some hidden costs which fall to the user. Limits: some data or information may not be captured in online education, and some require practical lessons in the field to master the techniques. Little interaction in online learning as people rarely meets and therefore fewer chances of socializing. Limited instructors: online education has few instructors, and one may not be sometimes helped when the need arises.

It is therefore evident that online education has its advantages and disadvantages. One has to research properly and make wise decisions to lead them toward accomplishing their goals and objectives.


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