Essay Example: Virginia Satir's Family Therapy Model

Published: 2023-04-05
Essay Example: Virginia Satir's Family Therapy Model
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The important point I learned about Satir's approach to therapy is the need for having intentional change because change means one is moving from what they are used to, to the unknown, which is scary for most of the people. I also learned the need to accept that one is going to an unknown place at the initial stages of therapy. The acceptance brings an individual to the knowledge that the old coping strategies will not work; hence the person develops the need to learn new ways.

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Another important point that Satir brings across is the need to create a loving and trusting environment for every client to enhance a comfortable environment for the client, an environment that makes them feel valued despite what they do or say. I also learned the importance of helping an individual to look at things in a new way without taking offense or being defensive. I also learned that, however, much change is intended, it can only occur where trust is involved.

As a human service professional, the most beneficial thing about the model presented is that it emphasizes the importance of helping an individual to look at things in a new way without taking offense or being defensive due to the nurturing processes that it involves. Besides, once an individual is helped to cope with the problem, this model is also very key as it views change from all dimensions varying from emotional, biological, physiological, and social as it helps to fit change into its context.

I was challenged to think about something in a new way by Satir's analogy of the figure erected in the Chicago Museum. Instead of looking just at the behavior, it is good to look beyond that. It has triggered me deeper to think about the behaviors that these people learned while young, which could affect their coping mechanisms (Ragin, 2017). There is a dire need to first learn about the behavior and coping mechanisms and then try to help this person find new ways. This analogy further made me think of how unfruitful and frustrating new coping mechanisms can be if the existing ones are not yet dealt with.

While dealing with my clients, I would use a different model from Satir since I would prefer using at least two models through the sessions. I would use GROW coaching, which stands for goal, reality, options, and will. During the sessions, I would use this model to assist the client in setting realist goals as well as resolve all the issues that are the cause of agony, pain, and negativity in the quality of their life. I find this model helpful as it helps to walk with the client step by step. The initial step is knowing where the client would like to go, which is their goal.

The second step is helping the client find themselves in terms of where they are currently. The third step would be determining the means to reach the intended destination and finally making reservations and commitment towards pursuing the same. The GROW approach blends well with solution-focused therapy. It is a model aimed at focusing on the present as well as future desires instead of past experiences (Ragin, 2017). During the sessions, I will ask the client to imagine what they want in the future, co-work towards developing realistic goals, which eventually gets the person to their preferred destination by helping them utilize their strengths, resources, abilities, and skills.


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