Essay Example. Pressure Ulcer Reduction Rates and Quality Improvement

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Example. Pressure Ulcer Reduction Rates and Quality Improvement
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Pressure ulcer is among the primary and critical issues that face hospitals in the United States. There are many raising concerns about hospital care quality, and this calls for attention to all health care facilities to strategize on how to improve their quality care. Even though the health care centers are trying their best to offer quality care to their patients, nurse's duties are changing according to the new dimensional and millennial as directed by the federal government (Izumi, 2012). Hospital organizational cultures are among the forefront when it comes to setting up the pace for the quality improvement and the adoption of new nurse roles who have full training capacity to carry out any assigned task under new measures. In addition, only the health facilities with stable and determined leaders are capable of involving different stakeholders in the health sector to see a change in the healthcare sector. This paper will examine the strategies geared towards care improvements in the hospitals and how it affects healthcare sector.

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Reasons for Increased Demands for Quality Improvements

The requirements for quality improvement in the health care sector are increasing at a high rate due to so many ideas, and one of the significant reasons is federal government mandates. The federal government has obligations to make sure that the health care industry has good care so that the citizens have access to the best services regarding their health problems (McAvoy, Staib & Birch, 2019). Most of the hospitals get pressure from the federal government to improve their quality of care, and this means they have to go the extra mile of training their staff to be up to date with the required standards.

Accreditation or regulatory boards are also among the reasons why hospitals are adopting the quality improvement initiative in the country. The accreditation bodies have significant responsibility, and that is to make sure that any kind of services that health professional provides at different levels is if high quality. Moreover, the hospitals have to abide by the new regulations to avoid themselves from being locked out of operating in their designated regions and is a sign of bad business in the case of private hospitals.

Role of Nurses

Nurses are among the key stakeholders towards the quality improvement projects since they are ever on the ground and know what they deal with in their line of profession. Training of the nurses to get knowledge is a vital aspect since it helps them be able to exercise the new practices to patients more than previous duties (Draper, Felland, Liebhaber, & Melichar, 2008). Caregivers are involved in decision making towards quality improvements because they are the most frequent personnel who interact with the patients and know the challenges they face daily.

Nurses in the Reduction of Pressure Ulcers

Nurses are involved more when it comes to delivering health care services in the US, and that is why they play a significant role in improving the health of ulcer patients. Nurses are always next to patients with ulcers, and they help them reduce the mechanical load, which includes the often turning and repositioning of patients whenever they are in need (The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne). Also, caregivers have been equipped with enough training on how to handle patients with ulcers, and this includes practices such as using the PH, which is an appropriate skin cleanser aimed at protecting the patient's skin from excess moisture.


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