Essay Example on Presentation Skills on YouTube

Published: 2017-07-19
Essay Example on Presentation Skills on YouTube
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How to use presentation skills to have an impressive presentation? Select a speaker on Youtube from a major presentation e.g. product launches, road shows, political speeches. Analyze the speakers body language as well as facial impressions and use of words and tone and describe their impact on their audience in your paper.

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Presentation Skills

The way how the speaker uses presentation skills has a direct effect on whether the desired result will be achieved. While all speakers may have identical timing to communicate with their audience, some will always outperform others. Some people believe that good communication skills are inborn virtues. However, it is a proven fact that effective communication can be learned. Undoubtedly, good speaking is a learned technique that is open to all people. Often, active speakers acquire the ability from continued practice and willingness to develop. Specifically, effective communication entails a collection of skills and techniques including body language, facial expressions, tones, and set of words. This essay will stress this argument through an analysis of a speech by Eric Thomas on the topic Tired of Losing.

Eric Thomas and Body Language

Through the presentation, Eric Thomas understands that the effectiveness of his communication lies in the ability to use body movements and gestures. At the beginning of new points, he begins from a neutral position, with hands resting at his sides. At this point, he does not use them to compel the audience to believe both sides of the argument. However, as he continues to reveal more details relating to the topic, he begins using his hands. He raises them according to the attitude of points. For instance, he opens them wide to express points that his listeners should love while moving them closer to show negative points. Finally, he finds his hands useful to emphasize the stage of the speech. At the beginning of a point, he begins with his hands at rest. As he progresses, hands become more vigorous and towards the end of a point, he brings them together, seeming to clinch the points at last.

Eric Thomas and Facial Expressions

Eric Thomas understands the role of facial expression in his presentation. This technique is useful to him as he appeals to the audience to understand his feelings towards a certain notion. For instance, when he is talking about lazy people, he expresses detest by clenching the muscles of his face. On the other hand, when he speaks about positive traits such as dedication and hard work, his face muscles seem to be relaxed indicating delight. At the same time, he expresses openness of speech by resting his face, for instance, when it is time for his audience to ask questions.

Eric Thomass Use of Tones and Words

Eric understands that tonal variation is a mandatory requirement in his speech. As he begins a new point, he starts with a low tone and raises it as the talk progresses. Towards the end of the discussion, or point, he lowers his tone to signify near ending. Similarly, Eric pauses just before emphasizing important ideas. This strategy is useful for capturing the attention of his listeners so that they do not miss on important points. Moreover, he uses fast tones to indicate excitement in particular ideas while slowing to show loss of excitement. Finally, Eric appreciates the role of dialogue. Through the presentation, he allows his listeners to contribute as well as ask for clarification. When it is time for dialogue, he pauses to indicate to his audience that they are free to help.

Opinion on the Presentation

This essay underlines that the presentation is nearly perfect with Erics understanding of the art of eloquence and its importance. The speaker has used gestures to express his attitude to his topic and following points. At the same time, through Erics gestures, listeners had the opportunity to understand the extent of truth in his presentation. Moreover, through gestures, he can emphasize the importance of his introduction to the audience. Similarly, the essay also shows that Eric maximizes on his audience's attention. Throughout, he only loses the minimum possible attention of his audience through tonal variation or precisely, tonal pausing. This presentation is among the most viewed YouTube presentations.


Summing up,the speaker makes the most out of the facial expressions, gestures, tonal variation, and words. The essay also shows that the first tool of a good communication is body language. This claim is also evident from the presentation addressed in this study. The article also acknowledges that as speakers continue their performances, the attention of their listeners may waiver. This attention may be won again through tonal pausing.

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