Preparing for System Implementation. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-10-15
Preparing for System Implementation. Essay Example.
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Preparation for system implementation is important for smoothing running of the business which reduces operational costs and maximization of shareholder value. Brewton business faces the need to implement an Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) to streamline the operations of the business. It is therefore important to address prepare for system implementation plan to ensure employees improve their efficiency which increases customer satisfaction.

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The key stakeholders of the company that will have an interest in the project are the employees. The first stakeholder is Mark Brewton, the Chief Executive Officer. Being the founder of the business, Brewton oversees all operations of the company. He is therefore interested in the implementation plan to improve his effectiveness and efficiency in supervising the day to day operations. The second stakeholder is Barbara Scharer, the Chief Financial Officer. Since Scharer manages the financial portfolio of the business, will have an interest in the implementation plan to streamline activities related to investments, operating capital and credit management. The third stakeholder is Jennifer Morales, the Sales and Advertising Director. The role of Jennifer is to oversee the selection of products that the company is supposed to offer. She further works on the purchasing process to acquire the products needed. Fourth is Roger Tomlinson, the Human Resource Director, handles the recruitment and hiring process of qualified personnel. Fifth is Mike Benson, the information technology director. He is responsible for maintaining the Brewton Companys technical structure. The sixth stakeholder is Gary Holmes, the system administrator. The seventh stakeholder is Nancy Davis, web developer, but she does not think the new system will affect her work. Lastly, there is Jim Travis the Network administrator.

The challenges anticipated in working with these stakeholders include the difficulty of convincing them the importance of the system. This is because they think that implementation of the plan will increase the workload. It will be important therefore, to explain to each stakeholder how the software will lead to efficiency in their work. For instance, Jim Davis, the network administrator believes that new program will lead to work overload which will pose a threat in maintaining the network security. Third, there is no production environment and the test environment for the new system. The strategies for leveraging the position of these stakeholders in the company is address the benefit of the program to each individual because they might be driven by group thinking. Further, the CEO can organize for a production environment and test environment for the purpose of training the users of the new management platform.

The human resources that will be required to implement the application include Roger Tomlinson; the human resource director, Mike Benson; the information technology director, Gary Holmes; the systems administrator, Nancy Davis; the web developer and Jim Travis; the network administrator. The human resource director will submit the recruitment and hiring process for the purpose of implementation. The information technology director is will be the head of the implementation process because he is responsible for the companys information technology infrastructure. The systems administrator will submit the user IDs for employees and install the desktop software on workstations as needed. The web developer will be required to develop the web in relation to the functioning of the new system. Finally, the network administrator will be needed for maintenance of data security during the implementation process.

The computer and network resources that will be required in order for the system to be usable in a production mode of operation include hardware and software. The hardware part of the network include workstations from which employees will be working and routers. The software part in which the computer instructions flow. The best type of networking will be peer to peer. This type of a network is effective in sharing large files between work stations. Brewton Company has many branches and this calls for the new of both the Local Area Network (LAN) and the Wide Area Network (WAN). The LAN will be used for sharing data with the branch while the WAN will be used for sharing data across all branches.

Implementation Plan

Activity Target Date Resources Required Lead Person Anticipated Results Progress Notes

System Deployment Preparation 7/30/2016 Staff time Information Technology (IT) Director Knowledge on how the system works System Documentation 7/31/2016 Staff time System Administrator Word document on system details Data conversion system 8/1/2016 Staff time Systems Administrator Data converted User Training 8/1/2016 Staff time IT Director Knowledge on system use by staff System Start-up 8/2/2016 Staff time Systems Administrator System works Conclusion

The preparation for systems implementation presents the steps that needs to be followed during the implementation process. The key stakeholders in the company include the employees who will work directly with the new system. However, these stakeholders can face challenges that needs to be addressed by the Chief Executive Officer. Further, the human resource needed for implementation include the information technology experts in the company who will implement the use of computer network resources.

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