Application Essay Example: Post-Master's Certificate PMHNP Statement of Goals

Published: 2022-07-15
Application Essay Example: Post-Master's Certificate PMHNP Statement of Goals
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Nursing is a diverse, inspirational and motivating career and I believe that nursing is the right career choice. I consider being practical, careful and reliable, and the nursing career fits me appropriately. I find it stress-free to establish quickly enough, trusting relationships with new people I encounter in my care with love and companion and high desire to help those who need assistance most. I plan to offer patients with outstanding healthcare and overall care through caring for each person as a human being rather than a patient. Majority of a population struggle at a point in their life and helping someone overcome their struggle is a great opportunity. I learned about this culture when I started the nursing school. I view the nursing profession far much more than being a job or a career but a continuing learning process that I keep on embarking each day through the motivation of helping others and make a difference in the society. The superiority I hold in saying I make a positive impact in the society is my everyday inspiration.

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I have read a volume of people suffering from depression and every one out of every four adults in the US suffer from mental illness every year. As a result, patients often visit psychiatrists to assist them in relieving various emotional and mental related suffering and supporting in a treatment strategy. My initial decision to focus on the psychology was rationalised with the concept that I can use my education t Through my previous experience in working in an under-served primary care clinic setting has equipped me with the ethical principle to care for patients regardless of the working condition. Uninsured populations experience difficulty in medical care, therefore there injuries and illnesses are more severe contributing to more psychological related problems. It is essential to possess excellent communication skills, kind, compassionate and open-minded to ideas, patient needs, and continually targeting for an improvement in my career.

While working as a nursing practitioner in a state's correctional setting is a unique experience in providing psychiatric nursing care and counselling to patients. There are more mentally ill individuals in prisons than in hospitals because of the co-occurring addiction and other related mental health disorders. It was at work as a nursing practitioner at the States kidney disease patient populations that I discovered my ability to provide support to mentally ill patients of all ages. It equipped me with the necessary techniques and interventions that are necessary for professional psychiatric care. There are various instances that I find the job intense and strenuous, which allows me to grow at a personal level and improve as a caring professional.

My goal is to gain mental health knowledge, and better serve my patients. This will enable me to focus on the well-being of patients and orientate about treating illnesses. I aspire to create an environment where patients speak up without intimidation. To be able to explain issues to my patients and be able to understand and I think, this will assist patients to speak up about what they are going through. Often the use of medical jargons that make patients overwhelmed and panic to talk about their conditions. I desire to be the nurse who revitalises the life of someone, even though one might be undergoing a life crisis. It is the attitude that can play the primary role in helping the patient through the recovery process.

Healthcare sector is a broad field that entails everyday discovery in new research. Following my previous practices and skills, I am particularly keen to join the Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners program to gain more knowledge to offer advanced care to psychological and behaviour related to health issues patients.

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