Positive First Impression - Career Essay Example

Published: 2022-07-14
Positive First Impression - Career Essay Example
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It is important to understand your role and expectations of your performance. Perhaps setting up a meeting with your supervisor on this matter will elevate the chances of developing a strategy or plan to meet the obligations set before you (Denham, 2010). Secondly, once you are aware of expectations it is imperative to perform beyond expectation within the first 30 days. Over performance is a positive first impression attribute which shows the manager of the organization who dedicated and passionate you are about the job. It also shows your thoroughness and commitment to the job (Kauflin, 2017).

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Thirdly, take your time to understand the company culture. You will be required to acquaint yourself with both written and unwritten rules of the firm. Getting a mentor will help you avoid the possible pitfalls of alienation. Blending in requires that you are adaptable to change (Denham, 2010). It is important that you recognize differences in company culture compared to your previous job and make necessary adjustments to integrate into your new workplace. The fourth attribute to note is treating others respectfully (Madell, 2018). It is imperative that your coworkers and your boss find that your attitude towards them is of mutual respect. Office politics is inevitable, but how you adjust your attitude towards them will determine how people perceive you as a team player (Madell, 2018). Hence, handle all disputes respectably avoiding gossip at all times and by treating co-workers respectfully.

The fifth attribute is to make certain that you learn the business of the institution where you are working. It is not enough that you deliver on your mandate (Kauflin, 2017). It is also necessary to enhance cohesion in the organization by learning how other people's roles relate to your own. Although it pays to be the most competitive worker, others should feel that you are complimenting their efforts rather than overshadowing them (Westfall, 2018). Lastly, maintain networks by thanking those who helped you secure the job while creating new networks at your current workstation through professional friendships (Denham, 2010).

Most Impactful Approaches for Positive First Impressions

Professionalism. It is imperative to show that you are the right candidate for the job and that your boss did not make a wrong choice when hiring you (Kauflin, 2017). To do this you must get down to business and deliver on your mandate fully, above and beyond. Aspects of professional conduct encompass communication skills, timeliness, seeking clarifications, self-evaluation of performance, and seeking proposal of performance enhancement from your supervisor (Westfall, 2018).

Workplace relationships. To succeed in a new workstation you must orient yourself to the staff you are working alongside in your new job. Getting to know your fellow workmates on a personal level enhances empathy and understanding. Further, relationships with colleagues can help you better comprehend your role and how it relates to the role of others in the workplace. As such, it is possible to develop a creative effort that serves to enhance the performance of the staff through team effort (Madell, 2018). In essence, make sure that your team members feel and appreciate your contribution to the team rather than make them feel threatened or burdened by your entry into the firm. You ought to compliment them rather than supplement or compete with their mandates (Denham, 2010).

Integrate into the company culture. Getting to know the new workplace requires that you understand both written and unwritten rules. Simple things such as when to take a lunch break or whether taking a personal phone call in your workstation is allowed, are nitty-gritty aspects of company culture that should not be taken lightly. It is imperative to blend into your new workplace by ensuring that you do not stand as the odd one out. Do your best to integrate into the company culture (Kauflin, 2017).


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