Essay Example on Effects of Communication on Climate Change

Published: 2022-12-26
Essay Example on Effects of Communication on Climate Change
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According to the National Geographic society, many living species face the threat of extinction. Nevertheless, only a small number get governmental protection. The World Conservation Union observes that most of the organisms become extinct at times with humankind comprehension. The endangered species issue needs concerted effort to effectively manage the factors that bring about the extinction of the species. The respective governments are making efforts in order to conserve rare and endangered species. This paper discusses the endangered species issue and offers some solutions to the phenomenon.

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According to U.S Fish and Wildlife, an endangered species is an organism that is faced by the danger of extinction partially or in its entirety in its natural habitat. The National Geographic Society simply defines an endangered organism as any species that is in threat of being wiped out of existence on earth. The World Conservation Union cautions that 40% of the global living organisms comprise of the endangered species. The organisms such as Asiatic lion, Black-footed ferret, California red-legged frog, Albatross, Blue whale, crowned solitary eagle, snow leopard, and the tiger are in danger of extinction due to various factors. Hasydn and John (2011), notes that the extinction of living things is mainly caused by climate change. The extinction of endangered is attributed to twofold factors; genetic incidents and natural causes. Sometimes, the total number of particular organisms in the globe may be few as compared to the total number of predators. Under such circumstances, the specific organisms continue to diminish at a very high rate. Eric, (2018); Bill, (2010); Hasydn and John (2011), postulate that the endangered species issue is highly attributed to global climate change.

To solve the endangered species issue, the general public should be informed and educated on the factors that cause the extinction of organisms such as genetic issues and natural happenings. Data on for example the factors that contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs on the globe can form a viable base for further research. Furthermore, the media houses should give full coverage of the endangered species issue. Media coverage, particularly on the radios, internet, televisions, and newspapers of the endangered species phenomena, will draw the masses attention on the phenomena. The issue of communication climate change influences the masses perceptions of the endangered species notion. Hasydn and John (2011) note that the general public should be adequately informed should be educated on the impact of climate change on endangered species. Conservatory bodies such as the World Conservation Union, U.S Fish and Wildlife and National Geographic Society should avail updated details on climate change.

Appropriate data on species management and conservation is directly related to climate change. Climate change Information helps the masses to be a bit observant as far as environmental conservation and management are concerned. The World Conservation Union should spearhead in availing data on endangered species and the measures to be taken in conserving the organisms. The conservatory bodies should present details about the endangered species such as Asiatic lion, Albatross, Blue whale, crowned solitary eagle, snow leopard, and the tiger. Nigel, (2009) observes that the information on the natural ranges of some of the rare species particularly in America such as the black-footed ferret and the California red-legged frog will go a long way in conservation measures of the species. The appropriate data can enhance decision making by the governments and the international species conservatory bodies such as the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES), World Conservation Union and National Geographic Society.

The second answer to the endangered species issue is the formation of Governmental and Non- governmental organizations charged with the responsibility of conserving the endangered organisms. An example of an institution that was established to regulate trade in endangered species or their products is the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES). Otherworld species conservatory bodies include the World Conservation Union and National Geographic Society. The authorities and other stakeholders such as the conservatory as mentioned above bodies should be at the forefront in formulating programs meant to increase the number of endangered species. Also, governments and non- governmental organizations should formulate viable strategies aimed at controlling and establish programs aimed at combatting climate change.

The third answer to the endangered species issue is controlling environmental pollution. According to Nigel, (2009), pollution leads to global warming. The main type of pollution mainly related to global warming is air pollution which is mainly attributed to greenhouse gases and depletion of the ozone layer. The warming of the atmosphere is caused by heat in the bottom regions of the atmosphere. Green-house gases include nitrous oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon IV oxide, carbon monoxide, and methane. The organisms are affected after exposure to the chemicals. The living organisms may die and become extinct. Humans should evolve mechanisms of controlling are pollution such as using compounds which emit low or zero levels of greenhouse gases.

The endangered species issue is attributed to genetic and natural factors. The issue has led to the formation of international conservatory bodies which are mandated to manage and conserve the endangered organisms. All in all, the work of the organizations in relaying vital statistics on the rare organisms in collaboration with governments` role in controlling air pollution, will go a long way in solving the endangered species phenomenon. Some solutions to the phenomenon.


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