Population Growth Essay Example

Published: 2017-11-14
Population Growth Essay Example
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These factors have created differences in regions where by some area population increases as the other one experiences population decrease. For example, using the different areas in the United States, the population in these areas differs a great deal because of various factors in these areas. According to the recent census reports, Texas was leading in community with a total of 27,469, 114 people and in the same country, there are the Northern Mariana Islands that had a population of 52,344 (Commerce, 2016). Comparing the two figures, the difference is great raising the question; why the difference? This is where the factors that impact population growth emerges, and the main aim of the paper is to use the difference in the two regions and discuss the factors that have led to these differences.

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Essays on population growth

The rate of population in the society is affected by a number of factors, and the primary ones are the death rates and the birth rates. However, currently regions communities do not exist in isolation and this is the reason immigration and emigration has also become the factors affecting population growth. The common factors that influence the rate of the population are urbanization, education, the emancipation of women and the changes in agriculture (Ahlburg & Kelley, 1996). The migration from the rural to the urban area has a significant effect on the rate of the population since high urbanization increases population by reducing the death rates. This is due to the fact that people have access to quality medical services and are also aware of hygiene reducing the risks of sickness (Stumpf, 2011). For instance, individuals in Texas have access to quality services, and this is the reason population high compared to Northern Mariana where the community live in isolation making it hard for them to access anything.

Change in agriculture is also another factor affecting population growth. This is due to the fact that change in the agricultural sector leads to the increase in production that is the primary cause of industrialization. Once industrialization has been established, it needs more workers and this at the same time promotes birth rates because of regular food that encourages people to give birth. The mode of agriculture in Texas is not the same as in Northern Mariana. In Texas, people use improved, and modern ways of farming and they are able to improve the productivity compared to the other region (Ahlburg & Kelley, 1996). Education also plays a vital role in both the birth and the death rates. For instance, when people are educated, they become aware of hygiene, they are capable of maintaining a healthy life, and this reduces the mortality rate. Texas is a region where people are learned and understand the values of life, and this is the reason these individuals understand the importance of taking care of their lives and thus increasing their chances to live compared to the Northern Mariana (Stumpf, 2011). These people live a hard life, which makes it hard for them to access the core needs of the Texas residents.

Why some regions experience population growth declines

The reduction in birth rates has contributed to decreasing the rate of population growth. Initially, we lived in the society where people did not have any information when it came to family planning. However, with the changing days, individuals are now aware of family planning methods, which has reduced the number of children to at most four and this is the reason population is decreasing. Additionally, some regions have also faced depopulation due to natural factors like the drought that have left many individuals death. The other natural factors that have caused a decline in population are the natural calamities like earthquake and war where many people die in the process (Stumpf, 2011). HIV/AIDS is also playing a significant role in depopulation. There are regions where the infection is too compared to the others, which can be associated with lack of education on protection methods. These are the areas where people do not have information about HIV protection plans hence resulting in an increase in the rate of infections (Ahlburg & Kelley, 1996).

How shift in gender equality is affecting population growth

Traditionally, the role of women was to stay at home and take care of the house chores. However, with the changes in the current world many things have changed. Women have realized their value in the society, and it is for this reason that they are all fighting for gender equality. They now understand that there is no difference between them and men and that their role is not to give reproduce. This has posed a significant impact on population growth reducing it drastically. As a result of gender equality, women no longer give birth to many kids as it was expected in the past (Ahlburg & Kelley, 1996). A modern woman will only have two children, and to her, these are enough because she has to concentrate on her career. This is a great difference compared to the traditional women who could give birth to even ten kids. Therefore, we can contend that gender equality is the primary cause of population growth decline.


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