Free Essay about China

Published: 2017-11-20
Free Essay about China
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China Essay

Populations - 1.376.049.000 people (2015).

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Name of the capital city – Beijing.

Geographic features of China


Amne Machin mountain is the highest peak of the Amne Machin mountain range. It is located in the province of Qinghai in the western part of China. This mountain massif was considered as the sacred place. Thousands of pilgrims had attended this place every year until the 1950s when the Communists launched their antireligious campaign.


The Yangtze river that has been recognized as the third-longest in the world and the longest Asian river is the pride of the Chinese. The name of this river is interpreted as the “yellow river”. It is rich in Chinese alligators and Dabry's sturgeons. Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas in Yunnan province belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The South China Sea is the part of the Pacific Ocean. The role of this sea in the economy of China is very hard to overestimate – apart from being significant for trading, this sea is rich in oil and gas reserves.

Historical facts about China

1. Chinese mathematics originated independently of Greek mathematics. This fact is of a particular interest to historians.

2. Chinese invented the recipe of an ice cream. Marco Polo was the first European who took this recipe back to Europe.

3. Chinese invented the machine for monitoring earthquakes in 130 AD.

4. China represents the longest continuous civilization, which began about 6000 BC. Thus, Chinese written language can be considered as the longest continuously used one.

5. The name of the capital of China has changed many times throughout history. These names are: Dadu, Beiping, Yanjing, Peking and Beijing.

Largest Chinese Ethnic Groups

1. The Han Chinese. Their language is Hanyu. It has been adopted as the common form of the Chinese language.

2. The Zhuang people speak in the Zhuang language. Since their language is very diverse, they prefer to communicate with each other in common Chinese language.

3. The Hui Chinese speak both Arabic and Chinese languages.

Cultural Differences between US and China

1. Different roles of government in the United States and China.

Since China is a Communist country, an overwhelming majority of its enterprises are state-owned. Thus, good relations with the Chinese officials can guarantee successful running of business in this country.

2. Different political systems.

As to the Chinese political system, it is centralized. It is based on the vertical structure of government agencies with a strong hierarchical subordination. Decisions made at the higher level of government are supposed to be binding on the provincial governments. Successful running of international business at the territory of China implies direct negotiations with officials at the higher level of government.

3. Perception of time.

Americans adhere to the aphorism “time is money” so they do business at much quicker pace that Chinese. Chinese always dedicate much time to setting business connections with their partners. This business strategy is quite frustrating for Americans. It is necessary to keep in mind that decision-making in this country takes more time than in the USA.

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