Political Parties: Party Politics at The Grassroots, Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-29
Political Parties: Party Politics at The Grassroots, Essay Example
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In any locality, a political party office plays a key role in making sure that the interests of the party in the area are well represented. A political party therefore should have a center where some of the party's activities can be carried out at. In most instances, the parties usually have their centers in terms of small operational offices in every region in the country where all the party's activities are handled. Most offices have different functions depending on the type of party and the goals and objectives it deems to satisfy. The main aim of this paper is to review a political party office visited and describe the roles it plays as well as the experience gained from the visit.

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The communist party is among the small but upcoming parties that according to their core values and vision, promote peace and justice among all the communities without considering the race, culture, orientation to a minority group or even religion. A visit to the political party's office in the region enabled me to learn about the roles of the party as well as the functions of the office in the region. Some of the roles that the office plays at the locality include:

Registering new members, for example the politicians from the region who might like to contest for any political seat from the local area. It is the responsibility of this party office to make sure that everyone from every corner of the country is given a chance to register and contest for any political seat that might be of any interest with the party. The office plays a key role therefore, in ensuring that the party grows constantly from community to community by registering new members.

The political party's office as well ensures that all the promotions, advertisements as well as putting the party burners and posters along the public places where any important information can be viewed by the local people. The office therefore is important as it represents the interests of the party to the community through such activities.

It is the role of the political party's office to provide a link between the party leaders and the founders who are popular in the whole country with the local members in the area. In case of any contribution, critic or even recommendations, the citizens from the local area are able to present their concerns to the party leaders via the party office in the area. This is very crucial as it makes the party determine is stand in terms of numbers and what the citizens think about it in all the regions the country.

Any concern that might require a gathering in terms of party meetings, video conferencing or even briefings in the locality in regards to the politic party is carried out at the party's office. This office therefore plays a role of hosting such activities of the party making sure that all the functioning of the party are well run and maintained through meeting that lead to problem solving.

Also, another role of political party in local area is where brainstorming is done by different political strategist of the political party met and draft party manifestos. These manifestos are essential in the sense that they are what drive the party and also matters much in winning the public interest to the party candidate. Therefore, political party office plays a crucial role in ensuring the party manifestos are well drafted and public interest is well handled.

The American Communist party is a small but fast growing and gaining fun thus me as a volunteer in the party, I can indeed deliver some of the services to the relevant party members and perform all the duties needed from me under a proper supervision from a qualified member. As a political scientist, I believe that I have the necessary skills that the political party might find helpful. I can engage in activities like political analysis which reveals the current stand of the party politically.

In terms of information, the political part office is well equipped with all the literature that might be required by any person for reference or decision making. A range of data about the politicians, the party policies and manifestos as well as issue positions is available stored in an electric form. This bunch of information which is well preserved is very important as it can be used for analysis purposes as well as decision making by the party.

Generally, the office can indeed be said to be organized since it has well laid structure, proper management as well as policies. Information is managed electronically and backed up ensuring data security. All the information storage measures are secured for example, the use of strong computer passwords and firewalls that ensure information is protected from unauthorized users. All these observations can thus lead to a conclusion that the office is organized all round from management to the operation of activities.

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