A Discussion Essay Sample on How Nursing Is Changing Due To the Increased Technology Advancement

Published: 2022-09-05
A Discussion Essay Sample on How Nursing Is Changing Due To the Increased Technology Advancement
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Over the past decade, there has been an increased technological advancement in healthcare that has enabled healthcare professionals such as nurses to perform their tasks more effectively thus improving the level of patient care. The nursing field particularly has tremendously changed in the recent past due to the various technological advancement in healthcare, for example, use of computers, radio frequency identification enabled machines and the electronic charts. This technological change has made the nursing field to become more advanced and effective; however, the nurses need to adapt to this new developments. This has been achieved through educating the nurses on how to use them effectively and allocating a specified period for the nurses to embrace the changes fully. This study aims to assess how technology is changing nursing.

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Minimizing time wastage

The new technological changes have made the nursing work more efficient since it has helped to minimize on time wastage by eliminating the time-consuming patient's paperwork and information filing. The nurses can now automatically record the patients' health information and can automatically enter into the hospital electronic health system thus making the work easier. The technology has enabled the nurses to use the time that used to be spending on doing paperwork on other health matters such as patient care. Automation of the patient information system has also improved on patient information evaluation since the information is easily accessible to the nurses and other health professional within a short time (Simpson & Roy, p84). The much-saved time due to technological changes is being used by the nurses to conduct health education programs to the patients, which tends to increase the nurse attention towards the patients thus reducing the amount of patient recovery period.

Communication improvement

Communication is vital for nurses to provide proper patient care in a healthcare facility. The changes in technology have made communication among the nurses and other medical professionals more effective and accurate. In the past, the nurses in charge had to page the doctors to acquire the patient's information or any health clarifications. However, this has changed currently since the introduction of the wireless communication that has made the connection between nurses and doctors more effective. The nurses can, therefore, get information clarification quickly, thus improving on the patient care.

Improvement in telehealth.

Telehealth refers to a mode of healthcare access where patient get health assistance through mobile phones. Technological advancement has made the work easier for home nurses since they can offer the patients at home any healthcare assistance they need without having to travel. Telehealth has reduced the time wasted by the nurses traveling to attend to their patients at home and has helped the nurses to attend to a huge number of patients without having to travel.

patients monitoring Improvement Technological advancement has improved on patient monitoring by eliminating the extra steps involved in monitoring the patient vitals and alerting the nurse when there is any problem. The introduction of the smart medical pumps has made the administration of medication and intravenous fluids easier since the nurses only have to set the correct flow rate. There are also alarms to alert the nurses in case of kinked tubes or reduced flow of intravenous fluids. This advanced technology has facilitated the reduction of medical errors among the nurses thus enhancing the level of patient care.

Works cited

Simpson, Roy L. "Welcome to the virtual classroom: How technology is transforming nursing education in the 21st century." Nursing Administration Quarterly 27.1 (2003): 83-86.

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