Essay Sample on Poem About A Community Garden in Jane St. West End

Published: 2023-05-22
Essay Sample on Poem About A Community Garden in Jane St. West End
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Today, I strolled past a garden next to a food market and an art shed and felt the irresistible urge to indulge in its beautiful untrimmed hedges and experience its fertile soil.

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I've made many trips past this natural beauty, but never have I thought of how the experience of a moment with nature would south any soul.

What an infectious beauty did I find,
The tendrils of small plants as they wind,
And seek the selfless support of their anchored neighbors.
Upon entering the gates of the garden, I experienced a sense of relief, without minding about dirt I touched the soil.
Minutes passed and turned into hours as I helped to clean, set the manure and water the plants.
Carefully taking string and wood
To reinforce the nimble plants that required support
A call for help that we should all heed.
A reflection of all what our community needs.
The tingling sensation of thorn and bushel pricks, excited conscious knowledge about the environment.
The fresh air of the micro environment, laden with natural plant essence.
Each experience made it worthy tending to each plant that helps in its small way.
To purify the weather, we breath.
The rustle of dry leaves beneath my bare feet, and the melodious sound of the wind as it kissed the tender leaves.
The more that I engaged with the plants in the garden, the more that I appreciated life and its beauty.
All the harmony as the sun rays sieved through the little spaces between the plants.
And create a perfect silhouette of the robust blossoming flowers.
Over and over I marvel at the perfect harmony, between the garden and the food market.
Fondness nourishes off the synchrony and unrelenting defiance, of the indifference that happens around.
Once in a while the mind becomes playful.
So, tomato rhymes with potato and all that makes one joyful.
Head to the Community Garden,
And experience how your services are needed.
Support the untiring gardener that was once full of hope and good intentions,
But is today lost in the work and cannot find themselves.
Offer them the rhythm that they need, and the appreciation that should put a smile on their face.
When you ignore, it translates to hate.
Especially when you understand that it is a give-and-take.
Abandon makes a terrible parent.
The green space invites experiencing
So we can all draw some lessons about the importance of resilience and support.
And don't worry about loneliness
You are sure to find a beautiful soul
Scratching the soil to find some treasure.
When you focus on the little details,
Like small ants and tiny weeds
Or the beautiful arrangement of pots and passageways.
Even with the simplicity in everything around,
There is connectedness, support, and functioning.
A lost mind would think;
That maybe we do not need the garden.
Let's build a modern structure, a marvel.
But such thought can only come
From someone that has never experienced
The charming effect of the garden
Young or old this garden invites
To the young the lessons of how the strong support the weak abound.
To the old, the lessons on how to guide the young, and offer trunks for which to hand the exhausted tendrils.


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