Free Essay on Chevy Cruze Wi-Fi Commercial

Published: 2019-05-28
Free Essay on Chevy Cruze Wi-Fi Commercial
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Brand advertising has been used to build corporate ethos in different reputable organizations has and is significant in the move towards influencing consumers and increase the various organizations profit shares. The majority of these advertisements are done through television commercials. This essay gives a critical and rhetorical analysis of the Chevy Cruze WiFi commercial. In this video, the marketing companies convince the viewer of the importance of having a strong connection. This was done to increase the sales of Chevrolet cars. The cars have a strong Wi-Fi connection than that of Android phones.

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Viewers used to watching ads on their televisions will wonder how this ad operates. The ad does not mention the product during the half part of the video and creates more urge to the viewer to know what will happen next in the video. The advert is a good example of a genre in advertising called the brand advertising and has worked directly on those involved in the advert. It has created an image for Chevrolet and customers would like to identify themselves with the car itself.

The commercial starts with those called for interview introduced to the company and their cell phones taken to the Woodchopper and crashed into pieces not knowing it is a trick. Some think that is crazy and cannot withstand their living without their phones. This according to me puts the viewer more glued to the television and would not mind repeating the same ad over time to get the message. The question that then arises tries to evaluate the importance of the phone and the connection. Moreover, from the response, the majority believe that connection is more important than the phone and are both dependent on the other.

Obviously, the case scenario used leaves the viewer to question every step of the clip. Many would like to know the possible questions asked in an interview and again why the phones are taken to the Woodchopper and crashed. Moreover, I am sure many viewers were emotional at this point while others showed mixed reactions to the ad. Then the right thing happened and a car with a strong wi-fi inside more than a smartphone.

In the video, we have seen how Chevy Cruze has displayed a simple rhetorical technique while conveying a powerful message to their current and potential buyers. The company has created a unique and more technological savvy product that will attract more consumers. By asking a rhetoric questions what is important on the phone or the connection, they have won a significant number of car lovers who may accept the label with much pride. The final result shows Chevy Cruze WiFi commercial has earned the company market share and positive brand recognition and will increase sales.

Even though it is important to credit the importance of having a strong connection, it is important also to have the connection device. Well, without the device there will be no need of the Chevy Cruze Wi-Fi. At the end of the video, the interviewees try on the new Chevrolet and the video ends with each of them giving an overview of how they feel the new car and the Wi-Fi connection that can connect up to six devices and with a stable connection. This is the winning point for the ad and will surely win car lovers to try it.

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