Plants for Food - Free Essay from Our Database

Published: 2019-05-16
Plants for Food - Free Essay from Our Database
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Plants have vital roles to play in human life, animals and even amongst plants. Historically, human beings used to obtain food from animals through hunting. But in most cases, food was obtained from plants through fruit gathering and also agriculture practice. Although, most people have not identified it yet, but in one way or the other one must at least consume something sourced from the plants. The plants obtained are from different species of plants. This paper will examine the importance of plants as a source of human food and other animals. In addition, the paper will also examine importance of food as a source of food for other plants.

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Human beings depend greatly on plants to obtain their food. In most cases, plants are consumed directly without processing them further. For example, potatoes, sugar cane, nuts and cassava. Most of these plants can be taken the way they are from the farm. These plants are reach in proteins that human body require. Especially fruits are always known to be source of important nutrients such as vitamins which are very important in body protection. In addition, some fruits such as mangoes contain fiber that assist in human digestion process.

However, some may require to be taken through several processes in order to be consumable. For example, coffee, tea and even sugar cane are processed first in order to obtain the required product. For instance, in order to get sugar that is needed to enjoy the tea, it has to be undergo some processes first. Coffee and tea undergo the same procedure. Most people consume these products almost daily. Therefore, these plants where these products are obtained are very useful to human life.

Plants are used to produce various products that human beings admire even if they are restricted to certain groups of people. For example, the alcoholic drinks are mostly sourced from various plants. These drinks include; beer which is produced from the malted cereal grains. Further, wines are also produced from various fruits such as grapes, apples and cider plants. All these plant products are highly regarded by people. In addition, juices are also sourced from fruit plants. Chocolates that most people like so much are also sourced from the plants. In addition, fungi are also plants and they also used as a source of food especially in manufacturing the alcoholic drinks.

Food sourced from the plants are normally considered very healthy. Plants are source of most important nutrients that are useful in human growth and development. For example, some fruit seed such as lemons are known for their low concentration of fats which is advisable by the health personnel for human growth and protection. However, if consumed in large quantities, it can be poisonous to human life.

Vegetables are normally taken as source of food. This include the root vegetables, bulbs, and leaf vegetables and even stem vegetables. For example; onions, cabbage and spinach. In addition, plants can also be food to animals especially the herbivores. And as a result, people obtain food from the animals such as meat and milk. Therefore, plants completes the food chain for human beings. It becomes very essential, because without plants the animals cannot find what to eat and the impact further extends to human beings.

In conclusion, plants forms an essential part of human life and should be guided and protected just like any other property. People use plants in their daily activities. This paper has examined how plants are used as source of food by animals and human beings.

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