Pipeline Transportation Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-20
Pipeline Transportation Essay Sample
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Pipeline transportation is the movement of products from one point to another through pipes. Most products transported via pipeline are liquid and gases that are in a stable condition. Some of these products include crude and refined petrol and fuel. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pipeline transportation and give mission statements of three companies involved in this type of transportation.

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Pipeline transportation reduced the cost of transport in a significant manner, and its supply is very reliable since there are no obstacles on the channel like in roads or railway. Additionally, when pipes are installed underground, the ground on top can still be used for other purposes such as agriculture. Finally, products such as fuel can be supplied in remote areas where roads and other means of transport are not good (Hunanpipe.com, 2018).


Most of the times, pipes are passed along roads since their no mechanisms of land acquisition. This is inconvenient in case the roads are passing through densely populated places; pipes are at risk of being damaged. In case of leakage, it causes adverse effects on the environment as compared to other means of transport. Besides, maintenance of pipes is costly, and in case of leakage, accidents can occur. Lastly, where pipes need to be installed in private properties, companies and government pay a lot of compensation to the owners (Hunanpipe.com, 2018).

Three pipeline company missions

The three largest oil and gas petroleum pipeline companies in North America are Kinder Morgan, Enbridge, and Williams Companies. The mission statement of Kinder Morgan is to "protect its employees, the public, and the environment and to achieve zero losses to the Company's overall financial performance due to incidents, injuries, environmental releases and property damage" (Pipelinesafetyinfo.com, 2018). On the other hand, Enbridge mission is to increase operational efficiency and optimize customer relationship (Alchin, 2018). Finally, Williams's mission is to operate in safety, be committed, collaborate for better services, grow people and business and improve operations and performance (Co.williams.com. 2018).

Looking at the three companies, it is true to say that Kinder Morgan is more focused on safety in pipeline industry while Enbridge's idea is to make its operations efficient thus make more profit. William, on the other hand, combines both safety and improved operations to better themselves and its customers.


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