Free Essay on How to Be a Good Leader

Published: 2019-08-29
Free Essay on How to Be a Good Leader
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Leadership can be demonstrated in very many concepts. For instance, one can be a CEO of a particular company or a team leader who controls others behind the scene. Moreover, a leader can exercise their power through an authoritative channel, through inspiration, personal connections or persuasion. Thus, leadership is the ability to lead others with a deliberate intention of creating results that would not have been recorded in their absence. Due to the importance accrued to a leader, it is important to understand what one should do to become a good leader. Therefore, the rationale of this study is to define the three most important ways of becoming a good leader, which are explained as being a good role model, setting ones rules and expectations in clarity, and leaving room for input by others.

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For one to become a good leader they should learn how to be good role models to those under them. Acting as a good role model ensures that a leader earns the respect of their juniors. To stand out as a good role model a leader should show their juniors that they are knowledgeable in their fields of expertise (Robbins 13). Through demonstrating that they know what they are doing leaders can catch the attention of their employees who always keenly listen to their ideas. For example, a good leader should discuss their experiences with their juniors. However, during this discussion they should not behave like they are showing off their achievements. This debate should solely be done to help the employees understand why their leader has made it to the boss chair.

For an individual to effectively become a good leader one should practice the habit of laying down the rules and expectations in clarity. This is a critical undertaking regardless of whether one is a CEO or a team manager making expectations and regulations clear from the start sets the pace for the team or employees (Robbins 19). For instance, a companys has laid down rules that employees should always keep time and ensure that all their daily projects are delivered in time. As per the expectations, the leader can maintain that after one month the sales group should have sold more than ten computers. If the director clearly outlines this information from the beginning and ensures that they consistently uphold it, then their employees will not be confused but motivated throughout the project.

Becoming a good leader requires that an individual leaves room for their staff to provide their inputs. Leaving some room for the juniors to provide their information assures them that their leader is approachable and diverse to different ideas. Moreover, such a leader will demonstrate that they are not dictatorial in their positions (Robbins 25). Most importantly, the input gathered can also be educative to the leader and may help the business to thrive. For example, after a project has been completed it is good to ask for feedbacks from all the employees. However, occasionally employees may feel scared to give comments on a particular event. Therefore, the best way to approach them is by asking those questions through email or sending them anonymous surveys. Moreover, during meetings it is important for a leader to ask for their employees opinions and any questions they may have in mind.

Leadership comes in different dimensions. Nonetheless, to become a good leader one is required to be a good role model, clearly laying down expectations and rules, and being considerate of ones employees inputs or opinions. As a result, every leader who practices these rules become efficient and leads their teams and organizations to success.

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