Personality-Congruence Behavior: Impact on Expressive Accuracy and Psychological Wellbeing - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-07-29
Personality-Congruence Behavior: Impact on Expressive Accuracy and Psychological Wellbeing - Essay Sample
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This study is based on the finding personality traits influence the nan individual's ability to express oneself accurately. These personality traits have emerged to become a tool of differentiation of people, owing to the hypothesis that expressive accuracy is linked with the person's psychological wellbeing. There has, however, been very little research on whether personality-congruence behavior, that is, the ability to behave in line with one's traits, contributes to the connection between wellbeing and expressive accuracy. The literature on the topic of expressive skill indicates that people who are seen to be more accurate than others tend to be the right targets, making poignant accuracy a stable individual difference. Studies contribute to the formation of this specific impression that for someone to be perceived right by others, they have to be true to them. When someone's behavior reflects who they indeed are, it gives the other people diagnostic clues, which makes the inference of their personality easy.

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The article is based on three literature review grounds, mainly expressive accuracy, personality behavior congruence, and wellbeing poignant accuracy and congruence. The analysis of significant efficiency utilized the realistic accuracy approach in which a combination of self and close of the report to determine traits. For the accurate impression to be realized, the person should provide relevant cues as well as make the cues available. The perceivers on the other end are required to accurately detect and utilize the signals to infer the personality f the person. Personality-behavior congruence measures the extent to which an individual behaves in line with the pattering traits. The wellbeing expressive accuracy and congruence are empirical support that links congruence to poignant accuracy. However, it does not mean that congruence is the driving force between the associations. Psychological wellbeing can act as a consistent predictor of expressive behavior.

The current study seeks to explain with confirmatory examination on whether congruence links expressive accuracy and psychological well-being. This was based on two reviews in which the participants were free to talk about what they liked. This was aimed a, rather than doing a structured interview, and the examination was on how the participants viewed their acquittances. Congruence was studied more naturalistically since this has the potential of capturing more varied behavior, which would give a more reliable result. The hypothesis for the study is that greater well-being was likely to predict a greater personality-behavior congruence under the series of naturalistic interactions.


The participants in the study were 77, in which they were filmed on how they interact with 2-10 other participants. The films would then be watched by 502 separate other participants and afterward rate the behavior of the 77 targets. There was an addition of other 1454 participants who attended the films and submitted ratings. The procedure follows the interactions of the 77 goals with of other 354 participants who would enter into the lab for a maximum of three minutes, in groups of 51. During these three minutes, they would interact with the maximum possible people and rate their personality and also of the other people they have associated with. The interaction ratings recorded about 8=26 of the 502 participants who watched 15 films. The measures taken included the standard deviations and the means of the data. For the random-robin, the participants completed the big five inventory, which is a 21target version. This was done on a scale of one which was strongly disagree to seven, which was strongly agree. The personality traits measured in this study were mainly openness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. The analytical approach utilized the social accuracy modeling approach. The SAM model was expanded to include the target behaviors which were recorded to the interactions which were linking target personality and the perceiver ratings. This studied the extent to which the target behaved about their characters. This was determined by comparing the goal in the lab behavior and that of the partnership partner impression. The target well-being served as a moderator for the SAM model for the interaction of expressive accuracy and target well-being, in the distinctive accuracy and the normativity slope.


The targets were viewed with significant levels, which indicated that goals with higher wellbeing had higher significant levels while with low well-being had a smaller significance level. This confirmed the hypothesis that greater expressive accuracy is associated with prosperity. Behavioral profiles are associated with the social interaction of the targets and their close acquittances. People tend to behave congruently on how their friends and the self-perceive their personalities. For the normative results, it indicated that the individual tends to act according to a social profile. The target wellbeing did not, however, predict the viewing of individuals significantly normatively. Welfare, in this case, therefore, supports distinctive behavior, rather than the normative behavior congruence when interacting with acquittances. These were both the same for study one and the second study.

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