Effects of Human Greed - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-26
Effects of Human Greed - Free Essay Sample
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There are many things about the world that need to be improved. The emphasis on grades should be less. Education, housing, and health care should be given to everyone. Animal care should be improved. More openness should be given to ideas which conflict with one another. Global warming, criminality, war, racism, extremism, disease, pollution, hunger, climate change, and more should be prevented. All these things will change many people around the world, but I want us to think bigger. Why is our world today having so many problems? A word: human covetousness. Human greed is that it leads to a damaged world is what I want to change.

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Human Greed

If I could change one thing about the universe, I would eradicate human greed. Human greed is the secret to many of the world's biggest problems. Desire is like a newborn seed that grows from a poisonous wine that eventually dominates the human spirit like a contagious disease and spreads to every corner of society. In the end, we are blinding ourselves to the truth.

We have not seen the effects of pollution. This reality has blinded us with our greed. Global warming continues because of our desire. So we built more factories, and we were greedy, and we needed more goods. As a cheap and efficient energy source, we have used carbon as a pollution source for our factories (Gough 2017). Conversely, pollution is causing global warming. It is the same thing about war. Nation leaders are greedy, and they would like their countries to get something out of this greed. Instead of being selfish, we should all be friendlier and compassionate for others. Wait, but is not that the gullible essence of man? Yeah. Yeah. Well. Well. Yes, yes. We are all gullible, which can never be changed, but the problem is that we all see the susceptible as normal and acceptable, if the inexperienced is anything but good.


I was so lonely at school. It is at school. Before I entered high school, I had a couple of friends, and I was happy overall, but after I entered high school, I became a deprived student. No one knew me, and they wanted to talk to me. Why is this happening? And I was unable to get there. I was socializing and talking to others. I knew that I could not get close, but I did not know how to get closer.

You may also argue that I was gullible. I did not socialize; I wanted to focus more on my university graduates. I have lost all my friends, and I have been unhappy in search of a higher degree. I still struggle to socialize today, but now the only difference is that I am no longer lonely. I am sure both of us felt lonely in the crowd, too. Everyone knows how lonely they are. Solitude is like a firefighter who takes a fire; In this case, fire is what we love to do. My arrogance and my search to a better degree stole my fire, replacing it with suffering. Do not let the need to bring the fire out of here.

This is not just a story about a lonely girl, ladies, and gentlemen. Greed is at the center of most of our significant global warming issues. That is why I urge you today to reflect on your definition of desire. Greed is not good at all. Greed is not good at all. What the heck are you conscious of? Take care of others and be kind to yourself. People tend to want to live with you when you are kind. Relationships are like comfort food; they cheer you up when you feel sad. We should all admire someone other than ourselves (Wang, Long, Deepak & Keith 655). Let us develop more relations with others; let us make someone else's day better than focus on ourselves.

I agree that the destructive actions and funding for these horrific conflicts, which only bring suffering, must be made more aware. It is challenging to make war improvements, and there are a few simple things you can do and get involved that people will not control every day. One main move is to be involved and aware of who you vote for in today's politics. Any money, old clothes, toys, and perishable food from any significant organization is a way to support those affected by the war. Important organizations are creating a healthy atmosphere to help children get back to school.


Due mainly to humans, the planet today and many of its contents are getting worse and have been around for a long time. Both ignorant and lazy people are overwhelmingly populous. This deterioration is not much avoided in return. Human pollution and their inventions pose a severe problem. Factory gases and exhaust fuels are just a few of the impurities that damage the ozone and the environment (Lasnik 655). We rely on ozone to protect us from harmful UV rays. Finally, we have a significant influence on the degeneration of natural capital: gas, coal, and millions of gallons.

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