Personal Statement Essay Example: Master of Science in Computer Science

Published: 2022-04-19
Personal Statement Essay Example: Master of Science in Computer Science
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Technology has grown exponentially, and computers have increasingly taken a significant part of our environment, work, and personal life thereby changing how society lives and does business. Subsequently, the world today has evolved towards a massively computer-dependent society since almost every modern technology depends on applications of computer science whether directly or indirectly. With the accelerating growth of technology and the growing need for information, demand is high for professionals in this field who will devise new solutions, software, and applications. I want to devote my long-term career by being part of this exciting technology challenge.

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I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics (GPA of 3.28) from the University at Buffalo one of the highly ranked institutions in New York. Despite pursuing a degree in economics, I have always been interested in computers which to me were a means of entertainment. As a student in high school, I found it exciting to play computer games which I later came to know that they were just programs. Coming from a background where my parents were not knowledgeable about computers combined with my curiosity to know how to program, I developed a serious interest in computer science. I enrolled in computer programming language classes and kept abreast of industry developments by regularly reading local and overseas information technology websites and online forums.

Studying computer science will give me the chance to explore the newest technology and programming techniques and languages. The program will provide me with a good understanding of the impacts of computer science evolution such as learning how programming, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will shape our future lifestyle. Subsequently, the course will equip me with the technical expertise of modeling problems and solve them using artificial intelligence. This makes me very excited about the future as computers now play such a massive role in all aspects of our lives.

One of my most significant assets is the capacity to connect with others and fit into new environments. I have a worldview which I gained from the opportunity of living, working and completing my education in multiple countries and immersing myself in different cultures. My home country is Russia; however, I have been educated as well as lived in South Korea and the United-States. Consequently, I can speak confidently and hold effective interactions with people of different backgrounds. My curiosity and openness during those multicultural experiences helped me grow intellectually and understand others' perspectives. Besides, I value learning foreign languages, and I can fluently speak Russian, Korean and English. Additionally, I am a sociable person who enjoys working with others always listening to their opinions and judgments. From my previous work experiences in the customer support unit, teamwork was crucial, and I was able to fit into that very comfortably. This is what I bring to the student body. Thus, I can effectively make contributions to group assignments and projects.

After reviewing information regarding this university on the website, I am convinced that my desires are best fulfilled here. The institution's excellent reputation for superior education standards, career-oriented curriculum, excellent research facilities, highly experienced and qualified faculty members are factors that have led me to seek admission in your university. Additionally, the diversity of the student's body will open up my mind to new ideas, influences and also provide a platform to create new networks with the vast alumni network.

Technology will never stop evolving with every revolution only refueling the imagination of computer scientists. As a result, such professionals will shape the world of tomorrow hence bringing a new perspective to our lives. I am very excited and committed to actively contributing to this challenge and therefore desire to be accepted on this course. The degree program is a crucial link to actuating my career goal of becoming a computer scientist. Consequently, it will equip me with the essential skills to design and develop software to solve problems for various businesses.

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