Personal Statement: Individualized Genomics and Health

Published: 2023-12-30
Personal Statement: Individualized Genomics and Health
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As a child, I was attracted and impressed by nature's beauty and always wanted to understand its underlying patterns and explanation of how it operates. In high school, my teacher presented the class with a double spiral structure of DNA, whose staggering beauty amazed me and intensified my interest in pursuing a career in that line. Through this experience, I learned that there is another aspect of natural beauty: the beauty of life science. At the time, I was able to identify that this field is far greater than other related or similar career paths since it is directly relevant to human welfare. Also, the study of applied science at A level elevated my interest in life science even further. Since the beginning of my biology study, the subject has provided the necessary guidance and motivation to pursue this powerful and mysterious field and its underlying mechanisms. My interest in individualized genomics and health remains paramount despite having the opportunity and capacity to study other significant dimensions within biology.

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I was recently under intense pressure to choose a course to study at university and sharpen my professional skills and knowledge. However, I knew that I wanted to do something within the scientific field, especially in biology, which I was passionate about. As a result, I recently enrolled back at The George Washington University (GWU) to finish my degree program. At GWU, I specialized in the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology. The school's program curriculum includes genetics, organic revolution, animal behavior, cell biology, cells and molecules, and the biology of organisms. The biology degree will enable me to gain the necessary biological knowledge and understanding of living processes for several purposes. They include the treatment of some specific diseases and sustaining the natural environment. The degree in biology will also improve my laboratory experience in cells and organisms and their respective domains. Therefore, this sustained and comprehensive specialization in biology and my passion and determination to pursue a lifelong career within this line distinguishes me from other people.

On the other end, I have acquired various skills and knowledge along my career path in individualized genomics and health. For instance, I have six years of experience as a data-driven, passionate, and creative application scientist. It was a learning encounter throughout the period as I learned critical skills such as teamwork, primarily through automation to enhance laboratory efficiency. Individualized genomics and health require an individual with multidisciplinary bioinformatics skills, which combines biology, computer science, statistics, and information engineering. The university also requires an individual to have prior skills and knowledge in biostatistics to secure admission in the institution's program. In that statement, in 2018, I received a certification from Codeacademy, which is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes. I learned and sharpened my knowledge and skills in programming with Python and more about technology in the institution. I applied the skills to integrate New York Genome Center laboratory information management systems using automation technology. Moreover, the knowledge enabled me to perform day to day laboratory work using next-generation sequencing tools to accomplish NYGC's objectives.

On the same line, in 2016, I received a certificate of completion from Perkin Elmer, which is a global corporation focused on life science, environmental and industrial testing. Furthermore, it provides genetic testing and diagnostic tools and components of medical imaging. One of the admission requirements to the Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health at Josh Hopkins University is a bachelor's degree in the life sciences. Therefore, the certification from Perkin Elmer for concluding its life science program will fulfill this specific requirement by the institution. In my spare time, I always put my programming and technological skills into practice by working on my computer in a lab on activities, including improving performance, security, and visuals. Also, past working experiences have improved my social skills and enabled me to learn how to accomplish tasks under pressure and work as a team.

I have gained a thorough understanding of both practical and statistical medical research. Therefore, I am looking forward to lots of excitement to combine this previous knowledge with the skills and experience I could gain from studying individualized genomics and health at JHU. I am a dedicated and ambitious individual with a positive track record characterized by hard work, teamwork, and leadership skills. Also, I have the drive and desire to learn new things and make a significant contribution to the practical application of genomic medicine and statistics in the fight against infectious disease. Therefore, my long-term objective relates to gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills necessary for preventative health, making a more accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans for patients. It involves understanding a patient's risks to prevent diseases through early detection and slowing down their progress. Therefore, admission to Josh Hopkins University to pursue individualized genomics and health program would act as the first step to accomplish the goal.

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