Essay Example on Home Schooling: A Great Opportunity

Published: 2019-11-08
Essay Example on Home Schooling: A Great Opportunity
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This essay discusses why homeschooling is a great opportunity for children and their families. Homeschooling is one of the two most important educational options available in the United States of America. It differs from public schooling in that children are taught at home rather than being sent to school. Parents play a significant role in facilitating homeschooling, but they can hire a qualified teacher to supervise the children. Over the past thirty years, the homeschooling versus public schooling debate has become the most important issue in educational discourses. Despite the diversity of arguments in favor and against homeschooling, there is evidence that it accords parents and children great opportunities regarding flexibility, quality, and safety.

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Homeschooling promotes flexibility by allowing parents to choose lesson programs for their children and to coordinate the learning process. Also, parents and children can decide when teaching should be done. For example, parents can choose a specific curriculum for their children. These possibilities enable homeschooling children to get an education that is specifically tailored to their individual needs, personality styles, learning styles, and interests, which in turn impact on their future growth. Homeschooled children also have high flexibility regarding what and how they learn about the real world by actively participating in it. It has been established that teaching children at home enhances their natural abilities to grasp concepts in any subject. All attention is paid to one pupil, and therefore, the teacher can answer all questions. The child does not have any possibility to cheat or be unprepared for the lesson.

Homeschooling promotes opportunities for academic quality because it is offered in a non-discriminatory environment. Children are not discriminated when being schooled at home and this makes them well prepared to concentrate on their learning. It is especially important for families that profess religious beliefs different from those followed by the school. For them, homeschooling provides an excellent way to guarantee high-quality education in an atmosphere that does not interfere with the familys religious beliefs. For example, most schools in America are founded on Christian religious beliefs. For these schools, children from Islamic backgrounds have difficulties in interacting with other children. Sometimes they are discriminated on the basis of their religion, and the schools may not provide the necessary support to express their religion, which compromises the quality of education.

Lastly, homeschooling contributes to the childs physical, emotional, and psychological safety. Parents of homeschooled children do not have to worry about their kids being assaulted physically by other children or bullied in class. Previously, there were concerns that homeschooled children do not get enough opportunities for social development as their colleagues in public schooling. It is not true as homeschooled children are usually involved in several social activities such as music and dance lessons, home school cooperatives, field trips, group discussions, clubs, and church schools, which promote their social safety.

In conclusion, homeschooling is an effective instructional strategy with high potentials to help children overcome the challenges associated with public education. Since homeschooling is offered in a very familiar environment and coordinated by close family members, it promotes the safety of the child, which is a major concern for most parents. The system is very flexible and embraces the quality of the learning process as a key outcome. It explains why the system is very popular for many American families.

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