Personal Point of View on the book Eaarth, Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-14
Personal Point of View on the book Eaarth, Essay Example
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One of the key aspects that I can note after reading the book Eaarth, is that it has made me realize how much we have evolved over the years. The book impacted on me through its revelations on how the things I use on a daily basis are main contributors of environmental pollution and degradation. The realization of these facts made me want to change the way I live despite the extensive challenges that I was likely to encounter. When you look at everything and how the inventory in the past mold the world at its present state, it is expected of me that I consider the emission of carbon dioxide through my usage of sustainable sources of energy. As a result this enlightenment, I will start using less or limit the amount of fossil carbon that I use on a monthly basis. I know that my efforts will not have significant impact on the environment therefore; I will spread the word to my friends and family in order to incentivize them also so as to make a difference through the conservation and protection of the environment. I hope they will spread the word to their friends. This book had a deep impact on how I see the world currently and how there exists minimum efforts to mitigate the ongoing destruction of the earth. It is paramount that local and international news stations take an active role on environment conservation and start reporting more about the affect of global warming. In addition to creating awareness I will also start recycling waste and further put up solar panels on my house as opposed to petroleum energy. It is suffices to not that my effort could be deemed insignificant on global scale however, how am impressed that I will have made a difference even on a smaller scale.

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After reading Eaarth, I have come to reconsider my framework of thinking and also resorted that humans should consider evaluating their activities and subsequent impact on the environment. It has emerged that most of the items have been obtained and manufactured through the destruction of the environment. One has to think of how much carbon dioxide was released on the troposphere in the manufacture of the cell phone. It is the release of these greenhouse gases that contribute to the ecological imbalance and thus environmental disasters. The book also made me think of the things that human has invented to make life easy and how the inventions have negatively impacted on the earth. One may not notice the negativity of modern invention due to the graduation degradation of the environment in extents that are not recognized by humans beings. Majority of us who live in the so called civilized world, do not see the full affect of technology, modern items and equipments we use and how they are destroying uncivilized world. The sentiment made me reconsider as whether our definition of civilization is true civil with respect to the sustainability of the earth. People, who live in the third world countries, are better placed as they do not employ intensive technology and industries to acquire their resources. They use natural resources from their land to build structures and subsequent get their food from the natural habits. On the other hand, we in the so call civilized world are making things difficult for the entire world through the destruction of the natural balance of the living and nonliving things. The centrality of the currently witnessed destruction of the earth has been the prevalent of manmade items and structures. Since majority of the items are currently man made, everyone on the planet has adapted to utilizing these resources and now we can no longer live without these items and technologies. Similarly, manmade coil and fossil fuel have become so important that man cannot just change to alternative sources of energy. Therefore, right now I cannot stop thinking about how human beings continue to destroy the world, while individuals who have the potential to make a difference are unwilling to do so.

This book has made me look at myself in a different way and evaluate my impact on the environment. I currently view myself as pertinent integral of the environment and therefore as a key stakeholder. First, I intend to reduce on my waste generation and subsequently adopt a sustainable means of disposing the wastes. As a result, I am going to consider recycling of the wastes more often and adopt a initiative that will promote employment of reusable materials. As a key stakeholder of the environment, I plan to immensely donate to the environment through my services provision and by planting trees. The book also made me realize how important the environment is and how we need to take care of it. Now that I know my implications on the environment, it is appropriate that I continue with the creation of awareness on the role of the environment on our well being and also try to make a difference at individual level. In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I intend to reduce my usage of the fossil fuel and subsequently adopt clean means of transport such as cycling or walking to work and to places that are in close proximity. Also, I will cut back on the use of electricity in my apartment by only using the light if I need it. I will try to do everything I need while the sun is out in order to limit my energy consumption in the apartment. I also want to learn more about the environment so that I can be able to do more and educate my friends and family. To show them the extent of the implications of the items that we use and how we all have a duty to make difference in the world. I intend to highlight them on how trees and the entire flora community sustains the environment, how the carbon emission could lead to rise in the ocean levels as a consequent of the heightening of the surface temperature of earth. Similarly, the book brought to my attention the difference in lifestyles of Americans compared to lifestyles of other communities. Through the book, I got to interact with the dynamic communities and learned how their lifestyles have harmoniously balanced with the dynamics of the environment. I just wish that I could be able to save the rest of the world from the currently witnessed unbalanced environment.

Yes, this book made me look at the way I use fossil fuel consumption, my lifestyle and my contribution to global warming. Since currently I have become conversant with the aspect of the environment, I intend to avoid the use of fossil fuel due to its contribution in the degradation of the earth. It is saddening how the industrialization has been driven by the fossil fuel. Fossil fuel has become part of our daily lives as we drive motorized fuel, use fossil generated electricity and use gasoline to cook in our homes. Based on this fact, it is impossible to eliminate the use of fossil fuel, however, am better placed to advocate for the regulated use of the fossil fuel as source of energy. It was prudent and pragmatic of our ancestors to exploit harmoniously the environmental resources without compromising the ability of the future generation to enjoy also the environmental resources. I guess since the affects of fossil fuel in the atmosphere do not happens for years, the current generation has become comfortable with the ongoing activities. Since currently the past is catching up with the present, we have began to witness ocean level water rise, melting of glaciers and the global temperature rise. These factors point at looming environmental concerns that will directly lead to distortion of Earths biodiversities balance. I believe that since the effects of these environmental changes have not negatively impacted on our lives, the current industry does not care about the carbon dioxide or the global warming effects that has been link to industrial pollution. Since the world is custom to the use of fossil fuel the only thing I can change in my lifestyle is the amount fossil energy that I use every day.

I believe I can draw a parallel between my life and the discussions on the book. As someone who has been born in an age where fossil fuel underlined every development, I also became ignorant of the effects of the fossil fuels on the environment and thus its future effect. I grew up hearing about global warming yet nothing significant has been undertaken to curtail the prevailing temperature rise every year. Even though it is not my fault that I was born in this generation that is ignorant of the effects of global warming, I believe that after reading the book, I intend to become a better version of myself. Furthermore, am not oblivious to the obstacles and challenges that are link to lifetime habits and practices, therefore it will a take longer period for me to adjust to the proposed changes in an effort to positively impact on the earth. My life in this world is surrounded by the benefits of the uses of fossil fuel. There is nothing in the America that you can use or touch that does not use or need fossil fuel. It is hard to get away from what they built America on with is fossil fuel. I will first endeavor to get organic food and also begin shopping at farmers markets. In the same token, I will also initiate measures to reduce my carbon dioxide release to the atmosphere by use of green energy powered boats. In addition, to promote the use of renewable sources of energy, I plan to install solar panels on my house for lighting and entertainment purposes as opposed to use of petroleum-powered electricity.

I believe our existence on the planet is time bound and therefore everyone will die and leave earth for future generations. It is alarming how government agencies and officers continue to disregard the alarming state of the environment and the human causes of environmental pollution. The people who are running the country are primarily driven with the financial gains that they accrue from their investment on the petroleum industries and the capital market. In most of the developed economies, the concept of individualism has gain root over communism thereby everyone is primarily concern with their immediate families and individual gains. Similarly, the government has also proved inadequate in addressing environmental concerns as it has stakes in the multi-billion dollar industry. In light of these developments, the future of environmental conservation is not guaranteed therefore I see two things happening in the future. One of the possibilities will entail the rise of ocean water, which will cover numerous islands and most of Florida. The rise of the ocean levels will mark the epitome of climatic change as human beings will be forced to desert their homes and economic activities in such of conducive habits. The other possibility will include the launch of space stations where human beings will live after over exploitation of earths resources. With the steady growth of the global population, man continues to deplete available resources without formulating methods to replenish new resources for the future. As result of the strain on food supply due to population growth, it is my view that majority of people will revert to being farmers in the future..

I think the last chapter provided essential suggestions about Earth and the people and how they should relate. I believe the author was right to suggest that human beings hold the key to the future of the earth and that we should all join and work in coordination to realize the benefits of the earth. However, his ideals are quite farfetched underlined with the fact that human beings strongly opposed to changes therefore will not adopt new sustainable practices in the foreseeable future. At the present, consumers have become accustomed to environment degrading materials, technology and modern lifestyles that it would be impossible for the individuals to revert back to back to hunting, camping, or even farm. We as the consumers a...

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