Essay Example: Mega Mind Character Analysis

Published: 2019-09-09
Essay Example: Mega Mind Character Analysis
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Mega mind is an alien character in the movie Mega mind; he is sent to planet Earth by his parents. He has a big blue head and a tiny body to go with it. His life on planet earth starts on a rough patch as he lands in a prison and is raised by detainees. Another character in the movie who also has super powers, he is received by a well-off family and goes ahead to be a Superman-like character named Metro Man.

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Both kids go to the same school for talented youths; the youngster who will get to be Metro Man is the prude and is a famous child while the kid who will get to be Mega mind is alienated by his companions. Mega mind is physically diverse and mentally distinctive; he is unmistakably more mentally talented than his companions, which we can tell since we see him imagining different innovatively propelled gadgets while in primary school. He is basically disregarded by his companions for being distinctive, and in light of the specific routes in which he is diverse his colleagues anticipate that he will be "terrible." Their convictions about him, working together with his social disconnection, drove him to build up a "malicious" mental self-portrait and to carry on likewise.

To me, the take-home message from this early part of the film comes down to how other individuals treat you influences your self-idea and conduct - generally, which you get to be. In case you're over and over regarded as though you've accomplished something incorrectly, really soon you may well begin acting the part that individuals have thrown you in.

This reason is not unrealistic. Megamind's experience was situated to some extent, on suggestive communication, a sort of association amongst qualities and environment in which an individual's hereditarily impacted attributes (for this situation, his blue skin and hair sparseness from birth, which were additionally qualities of his guardians) bring out reactions from others ("The Curse Of Apathy: Sources And Solutions"). For Megamind's situation, such reactions are doubt, social separating, and an inclination to view Megamind's conduct in a negative light. Individuals had a generalization of Megamind as "other" (in a not decent manner, as opposed to Metro Man's being an alternate "other") and treated him appropriately. Megamind was likewise subject to his microenvironment- - nature made by his extremely nearness; individuals' qualities make their own microenvironments.

Geeks who are minimized, overlooked, or treated inadequately may get to be lowlifes due to such treatment. Understood in this motion picture is that scalawags just like geeks turned sour. In this film, the two miscreants were geeks (and underestimated) before getting to be scalawags, and they discovered their comfort by getting to be underhanded. Is the good that individuals ought to treat geeks pleasantly, or to be careful with geeks for what they may get to be (thus minimize them considerably more?)

Megaminds story is very compelling as it teaches children that being an outcast does not mean that you have to act the villain all your life. It can be described that Megamind managed to surprise his friends by turning out to be a great guy. Kids can emulate the situation that Megamind goes through; you dont have to be the most outstanding character to be a great guy. Each of us has his own idiosyncrasies; we have our own capabilities and potential. It is all about where you focus your energy to. It is important that kids understand that life is not about how cool you are, it is important that one should sure remember that being good is cool.


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