Paper Example. Corporate Portal Scorecard

Published: 2023-04-24
Paper Example. Corporate Portal Scorecard
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I searched on the yahoo finance website for the UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) which is the best Corporate Portal Scorecard. It contains comprehensive information relating to a specific company including financial performances, stock price fluctuation, investor sentiment, analyst reports, and salary reports. Some of the rations of interest included:

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Liquidity Ratios

Liquidity refers to a measure of or the ability to accompany to discharge its short-term debt obligation. The liquidity ratios are an umbrella word for several financial ratios such as the current ratio. It compares the company's most liquid assets that can be easily converted to cash such as ash, money market instruments, and marketable securities (, 2020). If these are displayed properly, it can be easy for the investors to know if the company can meet its short-term financial needs and obligation without going under

Solvency Ratios

A company's financial health can also be assessed based on its ability to meet its liabilities and still have surplus assets. For example, after paying off its debt and other liabilities, the company should be solvent enough to have excess cash and assets, this shows that the company is solvent. This is a key performance indicator that is of importance to potential investors and debtors.

Profitability Ratios

Profitability measures the ability of the company to earn a revenue more than the cost of operations. Profutabil7t looks at the company gross and net profit. This means that the company's current and future cash flows will be enough to cover its operating expenses and remain with adequate cash to be reinvested back into the company or be paid off as dividends.

Operating Efficiency Ratios

Operating efficiency refers to how efficient the management is in using the company's assets to deliver on its objectives such as cost-effectively delivering high-quality products or services. This is an important KPI that is most useful to the management and potential investors.

Stock Prices Movements

The stock prices will show how much confidence the investors have on the company's stock. If the stock process increases, it means that the investors have confidence in the company growth, stability, profitability, and health. Otherwise, the decline in the company's stock prices means that the investors have little or negative confidence than stock.

How the systems can be improved

The system can be improved by making the indicators responsive and interactive. This way, a person can view the changes in the key performance indicators in real-time. a person should be able to click the systems to see past records and the forecasted future changes. Additionally, it can be improved by adding columns of comparable statistics from the other companies in a similar industry and the industry.

References (2020). UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH) NYSE - Nasdaq Real-Time Price. Currency in USD. Retrieved 17 March 2020, from

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