Free Essay Example. Personal Memoir

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Essay Example. Personal Memoir
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My mother, Ruth-Ann, happens to be one of the most influential people that I have known throughout my life. She always said, "How you raise your kids largely determines what they become," which motivated her to raise us right. Since I was a day old, I started the journey of life with her. She taught me incredible life lessons, including walking and many other essential activities that I find amazing. I cannot imagine the level of patience she possessed to learn to manage and cope with all the nonsense I made her go through. I can only figure it to have been much more back then. With all the hard times she may have had to go through, she managed to mold me into the person I'm today, which I will appreciate for the rest of my life. She has supported everything that I tried, such as soccer and swimming, among other curricular activities. Mothers play unique roles in our lives, such as bringing one up, and that is why they remain to be the best blessings that one would have.

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Over time, I have learned many life skills from my family members, friends, personal experiences, and teachers, among other sources. On some occasions, my mother has disapproved of some of the habits that I have come to acquire. For instance, I developed the character of completing tasks at the last minute. Severally, she punished me for lateness, but the habit could not cease. I always postponed tasks, ended up working in a rush under pressure. In some cases, I would end up messing up, but my mother never gave up on correcting me and teaching me the importance of time management.

I will always remember Ruth-Ann for that she taught me how to ride a bike. I used to admire older children from the neighborhood as they rode along the streets. Mum saw the desire I had and bought me the first bike, which had training wheels. She trained me every day, and as soon as I mastered the skill, she bought me a bigger bike. She did all the training from helping me keep the balance while running beside to make sure that I did not fall. On one occasion, I returned home with bruises, and she got mad that she had left me training alone. With time I got better, and I could ride around the neighborhood together with my peers. Teaching me the skill until I mastered it was pure love, which I will forever be grateful for.

Ruth-Ann's life has always been about putting the family first, especially during important events. Mum's main focus has always been the family, whereby she makes sure that birthdays, graduations, or any other events are carried out successfully and in time. She has also stood with me in my worst moments. For instance, after I finished college, I struggled with my work applications from one office to another. Despite that, I had applied for hundreds of positions via online portals, and I did not secure a single position. Mum decided to follow up on the issue after seeing how I suffered. Later, I was contacted by a recruiter, and for the first time, I got to an interview and finally got a job where I work to date.

When I was at the adolescent stage, I was associated with several bad company situations. We could go swimming in some of the riskiest spots, try smoking, and even bully other kids. Every time my mother knew of any wrongdoing that I had done; I would get punished accordingly to the mistake committed. She would cane, ground, or make dreadful threats, which would leave me angry and hating her. At the moment, I did not understand her actions from a loving mother's perspective. I would hate her for thinking she was the obstruction of me having fun. Today, I love her dearly for the relentless effort at teaching me good morals, and the importance of good character.

Ruth-Ann was a woman who loved farming, and despite her tight schedule, she spared time to take care of her farm. She trained us on how to prepare the farm, plant, weed, and harvest. Today my elder brother has invested in large scale farming, and through it, he has earned himself a good life. My mother is a lover of nature, and this made her plant trees all-around home. She would scold us whenever we climbed them or broke branches while playing. Also, she had decoration vegetation all around the house, which made the home look like a palace. The natural beauty from plants was essential to her, which made her teach us how to protect the environment and make the best of it.

In summary, Ruth-Ann has every quality of a super mother, and that is why I may never exhaust the list of things that she has taught me over the years. She has been a pillar to all her children and, more importantly, the whole family. While raising my children up, I will copy most of the tactics she used on us we grew up. I pray that she lives more years to see her grandchildren and guide them the way she raised us even when we were young and stupid. My mother believed that all her children possessed different abilities and made sure that each one of us got a chance to fully exploit their talents. Besides being a busy woman at work, she was always there for her kids, and never missed any of their events.

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