Essay Example: Personal Marketing Plan

Published: 2019-05-23
Essay Example: Personal Marketing Plan
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From Strengthsfinder, I have learned that I possess five exceptional strengths. Firstly, I am an activator, and thus I can effectively control and lead others. Secondly, individualization lets me consider the quality of each person I interact with. Thirdly, for I am an achiever, I can work hard. Fourthly, being a learner enables me to continuously improve. Lastly, being empathetic makes me put myself in others situations.

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On the other hand, from CareerLeader I have a high ability of quantitative analysis, coaching and mentoring, as well as influencing others. My main motivators include recognition, lifestyle, as well as power and influence. My skills include ability to teach, self-control, listening, and empathy. I can work in various firms, such as accounting, finance in corporate settings, retail management, as well as information systems management.

My brand statement is: I am a strong leader. I can effectively bring out the best in people. With analytical and accounting skills, I can accomplish multiple activities entailing finance and information systems management.

I am versatile to play various roles. Some of them include management analysts where I can manage and lead people in various organizational positions such as information technologists, branch managers, as well as sales people. Further, with my assortment of analytical and informational technology skills, I can comfortably play the role of a computer system analyst or an informatics nurse analyst. As I am interested in financial institutions, I can also work as personal financial advisor.

I am interested in working in financial and IT institutions. The job outlook according to depicts that the industry is well paying with various categories of job openings. In addition, I have a lot of options to choose from, and therefore, I have a lot of options to settle for in various careers, such as finance or IT.

My ideal working conditions include a flexible schedule. I do not like telecommuting, and thus, I would prefer a job where I do not have to travel a lot. Geographically, the job should be within the town I am currently living. I need a job whereby I do not work during weekends. The potential employer should offer a good pay along with bonuses and other benefits, such as medical covers because they act as a strong motivator. Training should be done before the real job commences.

From the interview I learnt that the financial industry is marketable. The pay is really good but it requires a lot of discipline, including respect for schedules set by the employer.

I have also learned that the IT industry requires a lot of creativity. Someone needs to develop something which has not been developed before.

Apple will hold the WWDC 2015 Keynote Address event on June 8, 2015. What interested parties might benefit from is how to better design the apple watch and apples iOS to suit consumers. Recruitment in the finance and IT industries occurs mainly via interviews and tests. Usually, the best gets selected.

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