Leadership Essay Sample: Personal Integrity Report

Published: 2019-12-10
Leadership Essay Sample: Personal Integrity Report
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Following my upcoming role of a manager in the business world, I wish to write a personal integrity report to guide my actions. I believe that this report will enable me to evaluate my ways and improve my personality as a leader. According to Davis &Rothstein (2006), integrity is an important virtue for successful managers and can be seen from their interactions with colleagues and the general public.

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What are the Core Values that Drive my Life?


Am I always working on developing relevant skills?

Are my habits leading to continuous improvement?

Am I knowing new things or trying new ideas?


am I honest in my communications with other people and myself?

Am I faking my personality?

Am I encouraging other people to be honest?

Compassion/ Love

Am I showing love to those in need?

Am I expanding my awareness to the less advantaged and unfortunate people?

Am I preaching the compassion messages to those around me?

How am I Living and Working with Integrity Right Now?

Mentoring Young People

I love adding value to the young people so that they may achieve their dreams. In this regard, with my friends, we started a program in my local church whereby we meet and talk to the teenagers about life choices. For the last one year, the number of mentees has increased to about fifty young people who have shown a good improvement both in school and in the community. According to Newburn (2006), if young people are taught early, there is diversity, beauty, and strength. For this reason, I believe in their empowerment to enable all people live in integrity.

Moral Character and a Good Relationship with my Colleagues

I always hold my friends in high regard and I am honest with them about my feelings. Whenever I see one going astray, am always quick to warn them in a polite way. I do not pretend and my behavior is consistent with my values so that people can learn from me. It is very hard to find me idle when I have some work to do as I do not encourage procrastinations. I am quick to learn from my friends, including the younger ones, because I do not believe in monopoly of knowledge.

How Can I set a Higher Standard in the Future?

To improve my personality and continue living in integrity, I need to overcome various challenges and temptations that hinder me from practicing my core values. As an upcoming manager, my vision is to be an effective leader who can communicate with the people working under me in a respectable but influential way. According to Mascia (2014), the role of a leader is to motivate and inspire while a manager plans and co-ordinates activities. For this reason, I wish to work with my colleagues as a team-leader to run successful enterprises. I wish to act as a role model through my values to inspire others to be productive and compassionate with their work. I wish to maintain an ethical application of my influence by involving everyone in decision making and overseeing what they deem fit (Huang &Paterson,2014).


I have discovered that to live with integrity requires a lot of self-control to avoid temptations that may go against ones values. Therefore, I hope that by writing down my personal integrity report I will abide by them strictly. I will review this report on a weekly basis to evaluate how far I have gone in maintaining my principles. Additionally, I will come up with another report after one year from now to guide me further on more values.


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