Possessive Pronouns, Free Essay for English Learners

Published: 2022-03-03
Possessive Pronouns, Free Essay for English Learners
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1. Provide your example of a sentence that uses singular "they" with an indefinite antecedent.

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I packed my car in a hotel that only employs one servant. As much as they served people, it was discovered that they lack relevant experience.

2. What is the evidence that Pullum uses to support the claim that singular "they" with an indefinite antecedent is fully grammatical in Standard English?

Pullum chooses pronoun "they" to make her statement open to both genders to show that she does not know the gender of the subject. She uses an example of the following sentence;

"Nobody here seems to look into an Author, ancient or modern, if they can avoid it." The singular they are conjugates the initial statement that she writes.

3. What is the "putatively sex-neutral "he"? Give an example. Then, discuss what the use of the singular "they" has to do with sexism or nonsexist usage.

The putative neutral word 'he' is usually outlined as he/ she. This means that the person addressed must be either male or female gender.

In application to nonsexist language, singular they must always refer to a particular group of entities. At times, it is used as something sort of clarity.

4. In the past, Facebook did not require people to designate a gender when creating their profile. For this reason, one often saw status updates using a singular "they," such as: "Gregory Donovan just changed their profile picture." You can still see these today, but Facebook has started pushing people to select a gender for their profile. What do you think about this change, and how does this issue relate to the article from the Times?

The change has been impacted by the current trend of the increasing people claiming to be non-gender. The choice of gender on the status helps to categorize the people who deny their sex and stick to the opposite gender.

5. In what contexts have you heard or used singular "they" for definite antecedents? For example, "Mark is here. They are a friend from school." Is there anyone in your life that prefers another pronoun to "he" or "she"?

In case the exact number of people being referred to has not been clarified, the definite antecedent they are used. I apply this whenever I expect a group of people but the first one to show up is definite by name.

6. Why is singular "they" a better choice for a gender-neutral pronoun than xe/xim/xir or other forms that have been proposed over the years, regarding its ability to catch on and become part of the language?

The reason for sticking to the gender-neutral pronoun "they" is that it an English word that has been used to refer to a singular person whose gender is not justified. Additionally, pronouns are not just easy to make and be made known to everyone.

Possessive pronouns

7. In what sense is the nonstandard form "mines" more "logical" than the standard "mine"?

When "mine" is used in the sense of accompanying the possessive pronouns "hers," "ours," and "theirs." Additionally, in Scotland, "mines" is considered to be a formal noun.

8. Can you think of any other non-standard forms that are like "mines" in that they correct an otherwise irregular pattern?

Pronouns like thou, thee, and thyself. The function in certain regional context only

9. Have you heard anyone use the form "mines" before? If so, who was the speaker? What was the context?

I have never heard, but since I have just heard it in this study, I will pay keen attention to people's speeches especially someone from Scotland.

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