Free example on Personal Goal Statement, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program

Published: 2022-06-01
Free example on Personal Goal Statement, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program
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With the evolving world, I conceive that career development, specialization and professionalism will continue to be critical driving forces for enhancement of human welfare in every field. The increasing need for these three aspects especially in critical areas such as health implies that I have to not only apply the already acquired knowledge and skills but also be flexible to nurture new ones as a means of fitting into emerging trends such as individualized and evidence-based care. Having lived in different places, I have developed exquisite cultural competency through interacting with people from diverse cultures, religions and ideological persuasions. It has resulted in my improved communication skills as well as understanding the population-specific health needs. Furthermore, working as a registered nurse in three different locations have bequeathed me with a considerable level of specialization and expertise. Through exemplary work, I have been honored Special Recognition Award in recognition of valuable contributions to Green Oaks Hospital in 2015.

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To this point, the next important part of my career and academic progress is to employ the broad-based, and comprehensive knowledge acquired to transform the lives of people with mental health problems as well as continue with further studies. It is my career objective to ensure that the mortalities associated with mental illnesses are reduced appreciably through designing practical solutions. For instance, I intend to be a force that bolsters the process of reversing the statistics by the National Institute of Mental Health which presents that mental illness is the second leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 24 and attributable to high deaths for children within the age of 10 and 14.

As a registered psychiatric nurse practitioner, I have a professional as well as the ethical objective of infusing value into the lives of the mentally ill people. I aim to ensure that people suffering from various psychological issues such as depression and drug addiction attain a level of self-consciousness as well as personal reflection so that they can actively take part in their social development. To me, there is nothing as encouraging as witnessing the life of an individual who has attained good health from a previous situation of psychiatric need. Being appreciated for transforming the lives of humanity is not only elating but contributes to the realization of the real purpose of being in a particular profession. In this regard, I aim to ensure that psychiatric people live healthy lives and be free from risks associated with their conductions such as suicide, and drug abuse.

I have a personal goal of achieving academic advancement as a way of acquiring further information, knowledge, and skills for self-empowerment in dealing with the changing needs of psychiatric patients. Therefore, I intend to support my vast career experience by pursuing the next step in my education which is obtaining a Master's Degree in Nursing. Due to my passion for offering better interventions for the psychotic population as well as the pursuit of specialization, I will focus on studying psychiatry. I will further step up into more diagnostic and primary care aspects of treatment. I am confident that the extensive education combined with my multicultural experience and being trilingual will allow me to offer help to patients with limited English knowledge as well. It will afford me the opportunity to achieve my desire of eliminating the vulnerabilities attributable to different types of mental illnesses.

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