Essay Example on the Benefits of Utilizing Equine Facilitated Therapy

Published: 2023-01-12
Essay Example on the Benefits of Utilizing Equine Facilitated Therapy
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The equine facilitated therapy encompasses a range of the treatments which involve and covers the activities whereby the horses s well as other equines are utilized in the promotion of the human physical health as well as the welfare of the minds. In this regard, it is quite essential when used for the case of the people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) in a variety of ways. The horses, as well as the activities involving the use of horses, have thus been employed whenever there is need to alleviate any mental problems are observed in the people affected due to its effectiveness in the solution of the problem at hand. It is also a form of rehabilitation. It can be observed that when the patient rides a horse; there is the stimulation of the areas which had not been exercised before as well as having a positive impact in the reduction of stresses for the PTSD, depressions, and anxiety patients. It is thus a step which aids in the improvement and opening up of the communicative response about the mind of the patient. In this regard, the patients, when using equine therapy, do not have to be seated in the conventional positions. They might have to be standing up, sitting in the front, or utilizing several other areas, hence making the equine therapy to be effective even to the PTSD patients who have reduced mobility in the long run. The equine therapy is used along with the medical treatments of the PTSD patients as it is considered an alternative form of treatment, for more significant improvements to be observed as the PTSD patients recover. Presented in the subsequent paragraphs are the benefits of the utilization of equine facilitated therapy as aa supplement to the pharmaceutical treatment of the people with PTSD, depressions, and anxiety.

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First, equine-assisted therapy helps in the provision of the special bond created to exist between pets and humans. In this regard, it can be established that the interaction between humans and animals enhanced the emotional support that humans need. The people with the PTSD, depressions, and anxiety disorders often have to be emotionally supported for them to get out of the stressful, conditions they are facing as they regret of any unfortunate events that might have happened to them in the past or may stations which can be making them anxious, for the case of the people suffering from anxiety. The equine treatments thus facilitate the availability of the true bond between humans and horses. There is usually the nonverbal communication between the patient and the horse which aid in the strengthening the emotional support of the patient. The boosted emotions in the humans find the space to flow; hence the relationship between the further brings about love as well as an understanding of great magnitude in the patients. The PTSD, depression, and anxiety patients need smooth emotional flow, love, as well as understanding seen to be provided by the equine therapy to supplement the pharmaceutical treatments hence enhancing the recovery of the patients.

Additionally, equine therapy acts to induce the required physical therapy to the patients' od depressions, PTSD, and anxiety. It comes out that the physical exercise is quite essential in the flow of blood to all body parts, and especially aiding in the sufficient blood flow to the brain. In this way, the rain of the patient can get relieved in the long run, which also helps in the reduction of the stress level as the patient acquires a lively mood. In the long term, as the patients' stress levels reduce, the pharmaceutical treatments on them are also able to have impacts on their health are the conditions are being alleviated. It can also be observed that the patient exercises and puts into use different muscles in the body in the process of riding on the horse during equine therapy. In the process, there is the generation of strength, balance, dexterity, as well as balance on the side of the patient. There can also be the person accompanying the patient, who is quite attentive and guides the patient on proper practices as riding continues. It is a therapy which aids in the promotion of joint mobility alongside the strengthening of the body parts of the patent, such as arms, muscles, buttocks, as well as the abdomen. It aids pharmaceutical therapy of the PTSD, depressions, and anxiety as the body exercises are instrumental for stress reduction.

Besides, equine therapy aids in the improvement of the self-esteem of the PTSD, depressions, and anxiety patients. It can be observed that such patients are in most cases having low self-esteem which result in self-criticism and stressful conditions. They have also lost the self-confidence and assurance that all the things in which they have lost will get well again. Some of them would also have retreated to withdrawal from the reality of life since they get more stressed as they adversely judge themselves as they compare their dreadful lives with those of the prosperous people around them. With the use of equine therapy, they can gain self-confidence as animals do not judge, mock, nor criticize. The patients can get treated equally by the animals hence bringing about a semblance of importance in them, that grows gradually to even gain the required self-esteem in the presence of human beings. It can thus be seen to be beneficial in aiding the pharmaceutical treatment of the patients with PTSD, depressions, and anxiety.

Finally, the equine therapy aids in relaxing, de-stressing, and make the patients have the opportunity to be in contact with nature. In this regard, the horse riding given to the patients acts as great exercise which aids in relieving the minds of the patients from the day to day activities. The psychologists recommend it as it helps in the reduction of stress levels and anxiety. It also helps the patients to relate with the people found in the environments where they are having equine therapy, thus promoting their socialization which is of great significance in their reduction of stressful conditions. There shall then be the adequate emotional self-control that ultimately aids them to come out of the stressful situations that are related to the presence of anger in them. Also, the equine therapy aids in the patients to be in contact with nature where they practically experience the environmental, aesthetic beauty that broadens their senses. It thus increases their well-being that is essential for the effective functioning of the pharmaceutical treatments that they receive.


Cumulatively, it can be observed that the use of equine facilitated therapy, as brought out above, is of considerable significance in supplementing the pharmaceutical treatments given to PTSD, depressions, and anxiety patients.

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