Essay Sample: Global Autism Public Health Initiative

Published: 2022-11-21
Essay Sample: Global Autism Public Health Initiative
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Stated Mission: The mission of this agency is "we are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and possible cure for autism. We strive to raise public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society: and we work to bring hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder" (Autism Speaks, 2019).

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On the upside, the organization has achieved increased global autism and understanding of the breadth of the autism spectrum. The organization has also intensively advocated for increased research and access to care and support towards the autistic community. On the downside, Autism Speaks campaign and investment into the genetic analysis to find a cure for autism has generated criticism from autistic individuals and fellow autism organization. They argue that these efforts to find a cure have led to an increased stigma around autism. Critics also say that these efforts divert money from other non-profit autism organization. Moreover, a tiny percentage of their budget goes towards family service grants while a large portion goes into causation and prevention (Willingham, 2013).

Autism Speaks both care and support to autistic individuals and their family. For example, they offer housing solutions for families with autistic people. The organization also conducts job training programs for students with autism (Chengery, 2019). The training program gives a student with autism employment opportunities by helping them learn skills in a professional setting. They have also been at the forefront of advocating for recognition and prevention of sexual abuse on autistic individuals.

They reach out to stakeholders through regular roundtables and seminars they conduct (Willingham, 2013). Autism Speaks the Advocacy Leadership Network where they meet members who are respected local leaders with a record of facilitating innovation and facilitating change. It also reaches out to stakeholders through the Global Autism Public Health Initiative (Autism Speaks, 2019).

Social Media Campaign

The recent social media rolled out targeted families with autistic teens. The campaign was titled "Transitioning to the adulthood." The aim of the was to help parents prepare and support their teens in the transition from adolescence to adulthood (Autism Speaks, 2019).

Based on health literacy elements the material is appropriate for those targeted. The material does not evoke stigma. Based on the response on their Facebook page the material was received well.


The company fundraises through its Autism Speaks Walk fundraising event. Money was raised utilizing donating online to a specific team, individual participant or via their fundraising page. Additionally, the donation was done via mail and in cash or credit card during the walk day. The company did not have a specific set of a financial target. The 2018 annual walk raised over $1 million (Chengery, 2019).

Other agencies conduct similar events to raise funds for their activities. For example, the Organisation for Autism Research (OAR) has the "Run for Autism" event. The competition for this fundraising method is little. This is evidenced by the fact that the amount raised represent a small percentage of their total revenue. The best method that Autism Speaks could use in its fundraising would be through a lottery. This method would net them more funds compared to the walk event.

Collective impact and Coalition Building

The upstream opportunity that offers the possibility for partnership appears in their commitment to finding a cure for autism. They can partner with a fellow organization such as the Autism Science Foundation which is also committed towards an advanced understanding of the causes and treatment for autism. Opportunity from its downstream appears from its failure to commit towards helping families and other autism institutions. They can partner with other non-profits strong on family care and support aspect.


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