Perception and Self-Awareness - Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-30
Perception and Self-Awareness - Essay Example
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Self-awareness is the process of getting to understand the insights of one's capabilities. Practicing being more aware of oneself, one gets to understand more about one's natural shades. It, therefore, helps in overcoming personal weaknesses and knowing where strengths lie. Perception, on the other side, is trying to process, interpret, choose, and put in order the information (Elmose, 2016). It affects the communication process because the same information can be given in different versions depending on the different persons' interpretation. The massive amount of information can be filtered, organized, and deriving meaning from its nature through selecting the information, organizing, and interpreting.

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Several times one finds him/ herself doing things without knowing. The subconscious manages a large amount of one's behavior, and the thought on several decisions can be affected. However, if one knows how to find can get a great understanding of oneself. Though knowing oneself is a journey and challenging, it is permitting oneself and realizing the in deeper truth., doubts about oneself and personal insecurities. One can have an internal question about how he/ she is living and whether it is in line with the topmost expected purpose. Knowing oneself, he/ she respects the strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, dreams and desires, feelings, and thoughts among many. Knowing oneself encourages one to decide for oneself.

Knowing oneself is beneficial because making decisions can be easier, allowing opportunity vision, and increasing self-productivity with minimal effort. One can struggle with only big decisions because he/she is making a selection from options created by culture. It is also impossible to observe correct opportunities with false lenses; therefore, knowing oneself makes one see more fitting opportunities. Moreover, it allows tapping a pure vein of inspiration to avoid using willpower and self-control for things to get done. Hence, self-awareness helps in dealing with stress, associating with team members, leading and managing others, and changes dealing. Other people can know more about themselves, but they cannot know the person's deep inside. The public widely knows the character, names, job done, and other recognizable things. Also, a person cannot know more things about his/herself, but the public may know. Things include perspective and blind sports. For instance, one can ponder how other people imagine him/ her, how are they talking about one deed, cloths, house, and any other thing. A person thinks about it but does not have an answer.

People have a different perception of things. They have the choice of selecting aspects of a message basing on their interest, and familiarity and importance to them. For a better understanding of perception, one has to examine choice and attention and interpret messages within the communication. People perceive things differently because they engage in selection, choice, and stimuli without considering others. People exist as independent individuals in a community without regarding the aware if it. Characters, values, and how they looked at life and catalyzed by the environment they originate or the live. Individual differences are attributes that make persons perceive issues and things differently. There are several important individual differences. Physical behaviors affect how people perceive and adhere to information. For example, the way tall people perceive the height of something that differs from how short people perceive the height of that thing. Therefore, differences in heights hinder perceiving the height. Psychological states also affect the way one reads or listens. For instance, the guidelines about first aid do not mean anything unless one faints, class notes do not mean anything until examination dates. Also, the cultural environment plays a big function in what one perceives. It may not be good to stay around women. The belief may be very abnormal to somebody from a different cultural background. Reflecting on a real-life situation, I had personally encountered different perceptions in the situation while with my friends. According to them, it is normal to sleep in the same room with sisters and brothers, which is very different. It was contrary to our cultural, moral values. It took time and much personal meditation to accept that, it made me face a rough time, but I had no option but to drop my norms and adopt theirs because that was the only solution. In this case, their environment was different, and that is why they find it normal. However, for me, with my different cultural point of view, my perception was very different. When we relate this scenario with the concept of perception, perception is truly affected by cultural perspective and environment.

Generally, perception sets include belief, attitude, and world values. The world is seen in mediated pictures and vast communication. People also come to understand one another in groups interpersonally. All the scenarios help to develop mind expectations for the happenings and what might happen later. Thinking about one's personal preferences choice and personal self-expression represents how one sees issues within the community and the globe. The perspective can be extended in several ways, and also the audience's perspective understanding is of great importance (Ibarrola-García & Aznárez-Sanado, 2017). Perception, as discussed, affects communication. According to the elements of communication, perception affects both verbal and non-verbal methods of communication. That is, it affects the listener's views in various ways. In one way, verbal communication gives more ways for the information to be established and the perception of conveying information to be arranged to include everyone on one page. Non-verbal does not add the capability to understand someone and the message meaning through their body language. Importantly, the listener's perception is not only important but also the conveyor. The speaker has to account for their perception to understand the best way to deliver information to listeners.

Perception is subjective; in that, people understand differently based on their experiences and what they know; hence their perception of the word differs based on their experience, jobs, and language. If the perception is different from the message, communication will lose meaning, resulting in disagreement and misunderstanding. It will thus result in less production in business and inefficiency. Therefore, every person's perception must be underlined, so us to encourage precise interpersonal communication and include everyone on one page for the business success and goals achievement. Interpersonal knowledge is compulsory for teams to associate together so that the project is completed in time and efficiently. The strategic making of decisions must be well understood for business interactions to be carried efficiently. It means all parties must use skills in understanding another's perception of well-understood communication language. Thus, effective communication has to be exercised by taking part in the interpersonal level of communication to mitigate misunderstanding and confusion.


In summary, the first move to defeating a personal defect is self-aware. It can be achieved in various ways, that is, observing personal mistakes, requesting feedback, taking note of others' mistakes, and having future big dreams. Other people can only know the exterior features of oneself. They can judge the social behavior, activeness of work, and hobbies among many others, but they cannot know to understand the deep inside person. They cannot change one desire, but they can change their physical characteristics. Every person has a self-concept or perception of the real person. The self-concept is the self or dreams of what one wants to be. Communication builds and catalyzes the meaning of self. Self is created through association with others. Lessons are thought of as to who they are by observation of how others respond.


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Ibarrola-García, S., Iriarte Redín, C., & Aznárez-Sanado, M. (2017). Self-awareness emotional learning during mediation procedures in the school context.

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