Essay Example: Why Do People Judge Others by Clothes

Published: 2017-12-27
Essay Example: Why Do People Judge Others by Clothes
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What teachers wear

Society highly judges a person on the way he or she dresses and teachers are some of the people who have a great impact on students on the way they dress. Mosca and John (p. 62) did a study on how tutors’ way of dressing can affect the comfort zone of their students. The authors aimed to study the way college-age students feel about their teachers’ dressing code and some of the target studies they made involved if they were at ease when the tutors dressed casually or if they notice any changes in the way the professors dress. Some of the results of the study include most students preferring when their tutors wear casually, in business casual and noticing how the tutors dress. Most students did not prefer formal classroom environment, when professors dress too formally and when they follow fashion trends (p.62). The tutors need to ensure they dress in a way that enables them establish credibility, maintain respect and establish themselves as authority figures from parents and students.

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The aim of the authors is to enlighten the reader on how clothes affect one’s image in the society. They have explained that whatever one wears demonstrates the person’s personality and tells the public something about the wearer. Clothes also show the level of sophistication and economic status of a person. Every individual should, therefore, dress in a way that he or she wants others to perceive or judge him. Like the clothes, their tutors wear influence students; people need to be considerate of the workmates or people one lives with and dress in a manner that makes them feel at ease and one that enables the wearer to be respected and maintain credibility as well.

The authors have started the article with a conversation between a tutor and a student on how the tutor can make the other students feel comfortable in the classroom, and the student suggests the tutor change some of the clothes he chooses to wear to class. The author later reviews the literature on the same topic. Research is then conducted on students to review some hypotheses for the study and enable the authors to understand if the dressing of professors affects how comfortable students are in class and whether the way the dress makes them approachable and friendly. An analysis of the responses offered is made and later summarized to compile the students’ responses. The article finalizes by offering professors tips on what they should in mind over the way they need to dress in the society (p. 64).

As a reader, one understands the need to dress well in the society despite the place one is at. One’s way of dressing has an impact on the way others view the person hence wearing the right clothes for the right occasion needs to be the trend. People, however, have different personalities and an individual’s dressing may give a wrong image of the person hence it is important to accept people as they are as well hence the argument made by Mosca and John may not be as true as stated in the article. It is important for researchers to carry out more research on other institutions such as churches, hospitals, and companies to study if dressing has the same impact on people as it has been indicated in the article.

Work Cited

Mosca, Joseph B., and John Buzza. "Clothing And The Affects On A Teacher's Image: How Students View Them." Contemporary Issues in Education Research (Online) 6.1 (2013): 59-66.

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