Free Essay Sample on Abstract Concept About Love

Published: 2019-08-28
Free Essay Sample on Abstract Concept About Love
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Love refers to a deep feeling of tenderly caring for another person. It is, however, a wide mix of feelings, from the emotional, familial closeness to passionate desires and intimacy of romantic love. When a person treasures the relationship they have with their family members, then, that is love. They love their families because they are related by blood. When people love their friends, they have a special feeling for them, and the feeling is entirely different from the way they feel about their relatives or their soul mates. Sometimes, people want to be close to other people who they are, not related in any way, but they feel that those special people understand them better than anyone else, and they are always there to offer them a should cry on in times of need. That too is a feeling of love to those special people.

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When two people are in love, they are usually happy for one another, and they are sure that there is love; love is real. They cannot fathom it neither can they explain it, yet they know it exists, because of the special feelings that they have for one another. Love is directly associated with life. Believers will say, God is love and God is life, so love is connected to life. So, people have to love and live. It makes sense when love is connected to life because, when people are in love, they are forever cheerful and happy. They live to their fullest, and they wish to live that way forever. They want to make their partners happy forever and never hurt them. They feel complete.

Love requires people to learn from one another and from different situations that come about. Children, for example, are taught how to balance their love feelings towards their pets, siblings, mother, father and friends. They are also taught how to treat people or things they love. It happens that, even grownups when they get into a romantic relationship, they have to learn from each other in order to nurture a loving and lasting relationship. In instances where people do not learn to nurture their love life, loves can cause a bitter feeling of being hurt that is hard to control especially when those special someone leaves them and breaks the connection.

In a romantic relationship, one knows they are in love when they wish for nothing more, but that special someone, that makes them smile even in the midst of tribulations. Those that they feel proud to walk with and they can do everything to protect them. Those people that they can walk with, holding each other, hand in hand in public and they can get enough courage to testify to their parents, guardians and friends that they love them. Love is the best thing that a person can experience in life, and as most people say, the best and the most beautiful things in life are never seen or touched, but instead they are felt from the heart. The combination of all these things makes it very hard to define love using specific words because people explain it differently depending on how love made them complete at one time in their lifetime.

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